Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey oh. Eneeli is 17 Pictures, Images and Photos now. One more year to being legal.

This year, she didn’t get much celebrating done, thanks to a recent pain in the neck. But never mind that. The many birthday greetings really made her day =D

Thank you to all those who offered a sincere wish or two.
As cheesy as it is, I’m glad for these simple messages. It reminds me I’m not forgotten.

On a side note, my mum suddenly and randomly bought me a cake.
I got rather suspicious initially (Like, what’s the catch?), but in the end decided to stop thinking too much about this because over-thinking never really did me any good anyway.

I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday cake. It was eons so long ago. Anyway, the cake was one of the best I’ve eaten so far. It was from a cakeshop in Bukit-something. It’s tucked away amongst rows of olden shophouses. I can vaguely recall the location because I went there with her way back when I still donned a seifuku-inspired uniform. There’s a lot of antiques being sold along that street, if my memory served me correctly.

This cakeshop, Lana Cakes, is helmed by this veteran baker who resembles a kindly old grandmother (that was years ago). She still handmixes the cakes herself and kept the secret recipe so well that no one knows what special ingredients she used in her cakes. The shop’s famous for its chocolate fudge cakes which are so sinfully rich, it’s criminal.

I'm tempted to redecorate the cake as Domo. They have the same colour and shape after all XD

The chocolate taste is strong without being overwhelming. And the taste lingers on even after you swallow. Not to mention it’s chewy enough and crumbles in your mouth. It’s so filling that a single slice (I cut the cake into 12 pieces) made me feel kinda bloated. But that’s just me (and my host of digestive problems).

The cake is deliciouso. But it cost a whopping S$40 despite being just 1kg. >_<
I don’t know how much do cakes cost nowadays, but I get heartburn just from knowing the price.

It’s once a year, thankfully. I may or may not get a cake next year though.

P.S. There’s plenty of cake left over. Who wants a piece?

On yet another completely different side note.

Naruto Shippuden 114! Orochimaru's life story retold!
Seriously though, how he became obsessed with gaining eternal youth and subsequently the power of the Sharingan is perfectly understandable. Poor twisted soul.

The appearances of the Sharingan was nicely done. Sasuke mirroring Itachi when they threatened Orochimaru. Can't wait for their showdown (The outcome of which I already know, but heck. It's gonna be good in Anime, rather than in black and white).

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Updates About Updates

Eneeli will...

1) Upload badly taken photos of licensed2play event
2) Do something about new links and the newly-formed class blog
3) Bitch on everything bothersome prior to the vacation break >_<
4) R&R (Rant & Rave) about Japanese Cultural Club Camp (Rocks!) =DDD

...As soon as she gets back from the Photography Club Camp.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Compilation of Overdue Posts (Because Eneeli Procrastinates)


Alright. Due to too many incomplete drafts piling up I hate emb-ing photos, this list is there just so it'll be easier to refer to previous events which I took my own sweet time over are finally finished.

Note: It'll not be done in chronological order since they're all in varying stages of (in)completion.


1] S'pore StreetFest 2008 - D'J Party *DONE 03/04!*
2] NOMAD Preview
3] S'pore StreetFest 2008 - Hidama *DONE 06/04!*
4] S'pore StreetFest 2008 - WoW! Band Finals
5] NOMAD Fringe Festival
6] Superheroes Songs @ Esplanade Flipside *DONE 04/04!*
7] Miyuki Red White Animation Song Battle
8] S'pore Toy & Comic Convention *DONE 06/05*
10] Cosfest @ D'Marquee
11] End of O' Levels
12] Prom Night!
13] TPRAWKS 2008
14] Bitch Rant of DOOM
15] First Job Ever
16] Farewell Assembly
17] Anime Festival Asia 2008
18] Project Breakout 2: A Japanesque Christmas
19] SOYA 2009
20] Ongaku Avenue 2009
21] Haute D'Horreur Camp *(PARTIALLY DONE)
22] Licensed to Play event
23] S'pore Streetfest 2009 - D'J Party
24] JCC Camp
25] SPP Camp

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Although I couldn’t make it for the cosplay event yesterday, I decided to give License2play 2009 a shot anyway. It wasn’t anything like AFA (Anime Festival Asia) or even the S’pore Toy & Comic Convention. Not to insult it, but it seems like a really scaled-down event meant for heart-land gamers. Especially considering online games such as World of Warcraft (WOW) & Maple Story had made their presences known in the hall.

Not surprisingly, there was an (alarmingly) large number of KIDS present. When I say kids, I refer to brats ranging from those still being pushed around in prams to the pre-pubescent mummy boys. Of course, that meant everyone and their grandma came along (I swear I’m not joking. I saw more than just a few grannies hobbling along in there). This made the atmosphere feel more like a pasar malam than an actual event.

Yukinko Akira. Looking at his sheer exuberance made me feel exhausted.

Paper Promenade
Heavy Metal
Plastic Fantastic

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes, a dose of reality really ruins your day.

Despite having just awakened my bowling obsession interest days ago, I was all fired up and ready to join the SP Bowlers. So I dropped by their first training to enquire and look around as well.

The good news: You only need to come for one of the two training days.
The bad news: Yeah, it's still $12 per week.
The worst piece of news ever: The freshies who joined are damn good already.

The last bit roughly equates to me being the laughing stock of the whole club if I dare join after witnessing what seems to be, the Beginner's Level.

Those who went today were majority guys and a handful of girls. Quite a number could be called 'pros' already. I kept seeing strike after strike. The average speed at which the balls rolled was way faster than my fastest.

(Okay, on a side note, close to 80% of my tries end up as gutter balls. Any bowling ball I throw doesn't roll. It creeps along the floor.)

Y'know what. I don't think I'll be joining bowling now. At least, not at my current level of mediocrity. Watching how real bowlers do it is so disillusioning.

I want practice. Lots of practice. Maybe I'll join when the gutter ball percentage is reduced to 20% or lesser...So....

Who's up for bowling?

Gutter Ball Pictures, Images and Photos
Does this look like Obama bowling?

On the bright side, I saw an injured bird for the first time. Or rather, I personally spotted an injured mynah for the first time. The poor thing was huddling at the top of the stairs leading from the stadium to the CASS hill. And bleeding just above the eyes. I half-thought it was a fledging because of all the puffed-up feathers.

Since it hadn't fled when we approached it, I assumed it broke something. Of course, I didn't dare to even try touching the mynah. What if I accidentally aggravated any possible internal injuries with my monstrous strength clumsy fingers?
So Daphne and I were stuck at the stairs for a while coz neither of us wanted to pick up the mynah and we didn't know what else to do either.

Thankfully, there was this group of seniors coming down the hill. We got their attention alright, but it quickly shifted to the mynah. This short-haired girl just went ahead and cupped it in her hands without any hesitation. I feel strangely embarrassed by my inability to do the same. They were cooing over the mynah (and possibly scaring it half to death as well). Since the seniors seem to know better, we left the bird in their care.

I don't know what course they are from, but it's nice to know they're willing to stop for a wounded bird. Their commentary (and antics) provided some amusement too.

(Upon seeing the bird) "Let's take a video!"

Guy#1: "Would cream work?" (said upon seeing the bleeding wound)
Other Guys: (simultaneously) "What do you have? Hair cream?!" "What,you want to cook it?"

Me: "Er...You guys take care of the bird."
Guy: "Hey, we stand here until some other people come. Then we pass the bird to them."

Anyway, those guys did take care of the bird I think. I saw them coming down the hill after hanging around for a while. Hope it got the necessary treatment.
I must be sub-consciously masochistic.
To not take precautions and think VERY carefully before I take action.

For briefly losing my composure knowing full well others don't tolerate out-of-stereotype behaviour
For not being cautious enough before taking the stage (Coz no one will point out your mistakes beforehand)
For being unprepared despite knowing how difficult it would be ahead

For joining another CCA when I already have more than a handful (Quite Literally)
For actually daring to still contemplate yet ANOTHER CCA

Thank whoever's-up-there for A good listening ear.
Listen Pictures, Images and Photos