Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey oh. Eneeli is 17 Pictures, Images and Photos now. One more year to being legal.

This year, she didn’t get much celebrating done, thanks to a recent pain in the neck. But never mind that. The many birthday greetings really made her day =D

Thank you to all those who offered a sincere wish or two.
As cheesy as it is, I’m glad for these simple messages. It reminds me I’m not forgotten.

On a side note, my mum suddenly and randomly bought me a cake.
I got rather suspicious initially (Like, what’s the catch?), but in the end decided to stop thinking too much about this because over-thinking never really did me any good anyway.

I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday cake. It was eons so long ago. Anyway, the cake was one of the best I’ve eaten so far. It was from a cakeshop in Bukit-something. It’s tucked away amongst rows of olden shophouses. I can vaguely recall the location because I went there with her way back when I still donned a seifuku-inspired uniform. There’s a lot of antiques being sold along that street, if my memory served me correctly.

This cakeshop, Lana Cakes, is helmed by this veteran baker who resembles a kindly old grandmother (that was years ago). She still handmixes the cakes herself and kept the secret recipe so well that no one knows what special ingredients she used in her cakes. The shop’s famous for its chocolate fudge cakes which are so sinfully rich, it’s criminal.

I'm tempted to redecorate the cake as Domo. They have the same colour and shape after all XD

The chocolate taste is strong without being overwhelming. And the taste lingers on even after you swallow. Not to mention it’s chewy enough and crumbles in your mouth. It’s so filling that a single slice (I cut the cake into 12 pieces) made me feel kinda bloated. But that’s just me (and my host of digestive problems).

The cake is deliciouso. But it cost a whopping S$40 despite being just 1kg. >_<
I don’t know how much do cakes cost nowadays, but I get heartburn just from knowing the price.

It’s once a year, thankfully. I may or may not get a cake next year though.

P.S. There’s plenty of cake left over. Who wants a piece?

On yet another completely different side note.

Naruto Shippuden 114! Orochimaru's life story retold!
Seriously though, how he became obsessed with gaining eternal youth and subsequently the power of the Sharingan is perfectly understandable. Poor twisted soul.

The appearances of the Sharingan was nicely done. Sasuke mirroring Itachi when they threatened Orochimaru. Can't wait for their showdown (The outcome of which I already know, but heck. It's gonna be good in Anime, rather than in black and white).