Friday, June 20, 2008

Superhero Songs @ Esplanade

Choosing a place so far from the heartlands for study sessions does have its benefits after all...On one of my many trips to the Esplanade library, I chanced upon their free performances programme @ the Concourse. It was at first, this duo playing acoustic guitars (whose names I can't remember) and covering pop tunes. They made me look more closely at acoustic music in the end.

Because of this, I returned on the 20th of June (Before my birthday) to check out Jack, Rai & Alvin and their superhero-themed performance. Which lasted three days btw.

By now, I'm sure most people (in Singapore at least) should be familiar with the names Jack & Rai already. But this was before the Fa La La song played on radios.

They covered songs related to superhero shows (e.g. Kiss From A Rose by Seal from some Batman movie/show) and their own spoofs. These vids are from different days of their performances.

Spiderpig [Spiderman parody]

...Ok, so this was kinda lame.

Hero Songs in E Minor (Transformers/Captain Planet/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

They actually brought out an Optimus Prime plushie ("SOFTimus Prime!") and started advertising the transformability of it.

One Week [Barenaked Ladies cover]

Crazy speed singing! This is probably the only song which sounds better with speed. I was gaping at the speed at which he sung at 1.00.

One Week - Barenaked Ladies

The next two vids were recorded by me =)

All Star (Smash Mouth cover)

It's a bit faster than usual, but didn't lose the innate wry cheeriness of the song. That I like =) And Jack is not singing backing vocals for once!

Towards the end of their 2nd set, the boys tried (in vain) to distract the audience with an age-old trick ("Hey, look over there" *points in opposite direction*).
Jack then ran off to nowhere. Which gave them some room to make up a story about how Jack got kidnapped and how they need to call on various superheroes for help. They used that as an opening to sing some superhero-related songs. Like the next one.

Superman (Five For Fighting cover)

This was the Smallville theme song. Jack's soulful rendition of this song lulled me into a somewhat peaceful mood i guess.

In the end, Jack still didn't appear. Shame though. I was half-expecting him to suddenly burst on the scene in some cheesy cape+external underwear suit.

Throughout the show, they kept making references to that line from Spiderman ("With great power comes great responsibility"). Somehow, their show had a really casual atmosphere. It's like a small gathering amongst friends with the boys clowning around (hence, the lame jokes) and just...having fun. They didn't seem to worry about showmanship or anything in front of the public. It's cool that way =)