Monday, April 27, 2009

Black Monday

I find it ironic that we of DMC 02 are getting into another uniform look so soon after we shook it off upon secondary graduation.

Yeah. I don't know who (exactly). But that sneaky someone pulled off yet another coordination again.

The mastermind sent the class rep a message and the class rep just passed it on without knowing any better and somehow the whole class subconsciously dons black clothing in accordance to said black dress code. And complains much afterwards. -__-"

Pity we didn't take a photo to commerate what would be the last uniform day.

Y'know what else's black about today?

The label "Ah Lian" is now stuck due to being a tad liberal with vulgarities. And for being able to convey a message within a single shot of shouting instead of being all demure-like and attempting half-heartedly to yell which would turn out futile anyway.

Pardon me for not even trying to put on a show of civility and instead going straight to the point.

I didn't know people at this age were that sensitive to the odd rude gesture and so on. Especially when the exchange of rude gestures wasn't directed at them. And when said rude gesturing doesn't hold any malice between the parties involved.

Judge a book by its cover, will you?

*Is feeling emo when the clock struck 12*