Friday, April 24, 2009

1st Lectures LOL

We had the official first marketing lecture today. By this guy called Rajah. Our whole class was late by 5 mins for the lecture. He was still there despite his earlier warning about abandoning lecture if a certain number wasn't on time.

But as it turns out, he did walk out of the theatre. Except that an encounter with some student smokers (and the resulting conflict) somehow enabled his return into the theatre. Funny guy, the lecturer.

The lecture was filled with little anecdotes and mentions of other seemingly unrelated topics which made things interesting, of course. Like this Chinese restaurant in London where customers are attracted by the service (or lackthereof actually). It kinda makes me want to visit the place myself one day. Then maybe than I wouldn't be so pissed with the service standard here in Singapore, if I had something worse to compare to.

I spent the better part of the lecture trying to keep up with the slideshow speed since I didn't buy the notes and forgone bringing the textbook. Only to find out later that the lecturer would UPLOAD the damn slideshow online and he wouldn't "allow our writing speed to dictate his life".
I just wasted 4 pages of notepaper there. T_T

Overall, the lecture was kinda fun. Even if there were more personal recounts than literal readings from the text, he got the point across anyway. Am definately looking forward to the next lecture =)

The next ICP lecture though was kinda dry. I wasn't bored but the energy level somehow dipped a little. If her lecture had been first, I would say she's good enough. But she paled in comparison to the previous guy. To her credit though, she involved real-life applications and included these funny vids (about miscommunication) as well. I LOL-ed at the Bush one.

A funny take on why Learning English is important.

Dialodge Session with George Bush *WATCH THIS ONE!*
This was actually a parody of a older comedy skit. The original one is below.

Abbott and Costello: Who's On First

I had to watch this more than once to understand it. The rapidfire conversation makes it hard to catch. This skit is, by the way, about baseball. Hence the first base, second base and so on.

Btw, here's another commercial on Learning English. It's BANNED though for obvious reasons.

NOTE: You might want to lower the volume coz this is kinda NSFW (Not Safe For Work)or NSFH (Not Safe For Home) for that matter.

Later in the day, we got to enter studio 19! It was kinda small but they had some cool (and very costly) equipment. It makes me a little edgy to be together in such a cramp, accident-prone area with millions of $$$'s worth of equipment. WHAT IF. WHAT IF one of them expensive cameras went thunk against the wall?

Finally took a nearly complete class photo though (short of Grace who was still on LOA).
(No, our class is not deprived of clothes to wear. We just chose to coordinate an uniform look (White SP shirt) that day.)