Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hecate Outing

This is just the..what…3rd Hecate outing and already our numbers have dwindled to just eight people. Geez. But then again, we were informed of the outing only the day before which was last-minute and all.

I was late (again). Because I overslept (again).
Safe to say though, I was the first at the Waraku restaurant. Not to be triumphed or anything because I spent quite some time just trying to find the damn place too. The entrance turned out to be OUTSIDE the mall. Facing the back exit of Pan Pacific and a not-so-crowded road. Makes me wonder how they survive with so little human traffic about.

I made reservations for the first time (I think)! Yeah, a suaku is me. It was odd to be sitting by myself at a table for eight without ordering anything and for a good ten minutes too. I studied the menu like whoa.
I don't know why the staff stuck the receipt to the wall when they could have just handed it us -_-

The overstatement award goes to the udon Tang Jie ordered.
PhotobucketThe bowl is bigger than her head (Or anyone’s head for that matter), and yet the size of the serving is…Seems…Seems to be overwhelmingly small.
However, considering that it’s UDON we’re talking about here, that small amount should be able to fill one’s stomach anyhow.

This is KeQi's meal. Which the guys kept helping themselves to.
Photobucket And which made stains on her dress. What's the score now for the "Strange Substances On KeQi" tally now? XDD

Dieh's lunch set: Pork Ramen + Sushi. I really like how the soup base looked.
It would have been a better idea to order sushi instead of other dishes. The serving is small (Less Waste), it has RAW FISH and most of all...
Photobucket...It's pretty. Such a lovely orange coloring.

I ordered the lunch set: Shoyu Ramen + Tsukune.
Shoyu Ramen is basically ramen with a single slice of pork that resembles char siew (but paler and healthier-looking). It was vaguely alarming to see that the soup base resembled diluted soya sauce with sesame oil. I was kinda expecting a light clear colour…Oh well. At least there’s more to it than the saltiness of soya sauce. It’s flavourful enough (probably the meaty taste to it).

Tsukune is the name of the leading male in the fantasy harem Anime that is Rosario+Vampire.
rosario vampire Pictures, Images and Photos Because he is like a luscious hunk of meat which is vied for by the other supernatural potentially cannibalistic and horny girls in his school.
Hence the dish was named after him.

Well, no. Not really.

The tsukune dish is so-called because of the piece of chicken meat on top of the rice.Photobucket It ain’t that nice for the record. The meat’s tough and difficult to tear. The sauce doesn’t quite penetrate through the whole piece either.

Oh, and the pretty purple things in the small container at the side? It’s pickled ginger.
Doesn’t seem as good as it looks now, eh? Shows that appearances can be deceiving.

The Waraku staff provided good service overall. They were friendly, polite and didn't mangle Japanese greetings too much. My only complaint was probably the thick accent of some of their foreign staff members. I strained to figure out what they were trying to say. But that's not their fault. The foreign staff were friendly too =)

[Btw, I think I want to join the Community Service division of CSCC. And bring up helping at animal shelters. Although the other divisions don't sound too bad either. Hmm....]

I wished we had more time to idle over our food, but apparently even with our haste, we entered the movie theatre late anyway. Luckily they always use that time to brainwash the public with advertisements.

Then we went to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Y’know with that kind of title, I half-thought there would be an entire X-Men Origins series about the various major characters in the X-Men universe. Not that I’ll object to that, of course. The movie was chocked-full of mutant-bashing(QUITE literally) goodness. (I'll post my movie rant soon) Go watch the movie anyway =)

Next we went to the Esplanade. Such a high-class place, don’t cha think?
For poor people like us, we’ll skip the whole posh arty-farty stuff and cam-whore at the rooftop terrace.
Before this, I didn’t know we (the public) were allowed in. O.o…

A nice lotta photos were taken. By anyone who had a camera/camera-phone for that matter. Too bad we weren't there at the peak of the sunset. It'll look a lot more picturesque then. I wouldn't post everything since it's either on FB or someone else's blog already.
Photobucket I really really really liked how the background contrasted with Dieh. And how the wind catches lightly in her hair.

Photobucket Erm...I don't know what he was doing until I saw the photo on his blog. Good attempt, btw =)

Photobucket This hereby proves my camera is not as useless as it seems. It caught someone in mid-air! And yeah, the guys are monkeying around again.

The guys were especially playful today. I have no idea what made them regress to their childhood days. They basically monkeyed around. From throwing pastilles at passing cars and people (LIKE, WTH?!) to attempting to break into a restricted area (I think they knocked the gate out-of-place -_-") and trying to see who can jump higher [See below]…

Then we took photos against this shiny obsidian wall.
Which came out like mirror images.

Damn nice.

But I'm not going to post the photos here because there're too many photos to resize and damnit, it's sianz. Pity the camera couldn't capture the black colour of the reflection.

The view would have been better if not for the mechanical giraffes marring the horizon.

Photobucket The sunset view was great as usual.

Dieh went home to play mahjong and left the rest of us to our own devices.
Photobucket On our way back, we passed a performance at the Esplanade concourse. Traditional Japanese instruments were involved. I would have liked to stay and watch though.

We went to a little place in CityLink and had a meal which made my inner miser happy. Thank you loads, Joy & Gladys!

Hmm...I left for home while the others went ahead to play mahjong at either KeQi's or TangJie's house. The irony, since Dieh went home to play mahjong as well.
Note to Self: Learn the art of Mahjong by this year! Gods. I think I'm missing out a lot because of my ignorance of gambling games.

I got to relax a little during the outing. It's the little moments like these which I depend on to keep what's left of my sanity intact. I noticed the group's a little bit more sianz today. Maybe poly life is also taking its toil on them too? Well, hopefully the next outing would be timely enough and that most of the group would be able to make it.

It's back to school now. With the projects to rush and whatnot.

P.S. If you're wondering why the photos-to-words ratio is different this time around, that's because I'm out of mojo. Writing mojo. The Ooh-La-La mojo as well.