Saturday, April 18, 2009


The social gathering was for the CSCC freshies who went for the Haute D’Horreur camp and the Phantom Obssession thing. But we didn’t really mingle much though. Mostly amongst our own camp groups. Still it counts for something.

This is probably the last Hecate outing in months to come considering how everyone is in different schools Even though we have a hell lotta people in Business. We met up at Kallang MRT, which I thought was kinda odd. I mean, what can we do there? Go Kallang Stadium & watch soccer matches?

From Kallang, the few of us went to Parkway Parade. Edward was late because he had problems fixing his hair. -_-…This is the first time I heard something like this coming out of a guy. Ate at PastaMania (Yay TangJie for the suggestion!) where we had to separate coz there weren’t enough tables. Sian.

Then it was arcade time since the mall didn’t have a Toys’R’Us shop. Their arcade was quite up to date. There was this simulation machine where the “passengers” inside get to experience tremors and violent shaking during their “journey”. Damn cool. But then it cost a whopping $4 just for TWO people. Was greatly tempted to try that though.
In the end, I went for the Basketball game. Basically it’s just tossing balls into the hoop. And I’m proud to say, between me and Shaira, we got to Stage 2 and scored 114 points.
Yeah sure. Edward & Junyang scored, like, twice as much as we did and were the highest scorers. But they’re guys who’re sportier than us. So who cares. xp

Then we walked all the way to East Coast Park. In the sweltering sun and where the winds blowing were hot. So much for East Coast Park being near to Parkway.
Apparently, the rush to reach the place by 4pm was because of the lure of the promised CCA points to the first 60 who reached. It sounded like some discount freebie thing at the marketplace. I highly doubt it since we haven’t even joined the club yet, so how on earth would we get CCA points. And I don’t believe CCA points are treated so lightly either. Who the hell made up that crap anyway (and made the whole group hurry along instead of strolling leisurely)?

Surprisingly though, there weren’t many people there when we finally reached. Probably coz they all reached first and went off elsewhere to do other things. After all that walking, the only thing I wanted to do was to soaked (my feet) in the water. Coz I didn’t bring spare clothing. Unsurprisingly the sea was warm. But better than nothing. Us girls walked along the shoreline barefooted. In which Ke Qi was ill-fated enough to get crude oil (the black sludgy kind) on her foot. XD
This is not the first time she had strange substances on her. So far, the tally was two times bird droppings and one black sludge. We’ll be keeping track, I think. XDD

As usual, I whipped out my camera. I had to this time. The scenery was a sight for sore eyes. In addition, it’s uncommon for me to see the tropical seaview to match the kind of weather Singabloodypore has. From an amateur photog’s point of view, it was bright enough so that I don’t have to care about the lighting (or lackthereof).

But the n00b me forgot to adjust the setting from “Manual”. Which sucked balls since I know shit about white balance and all the technical crap. And thus, I get photos like these.

They all look like they’re in the light at the end of the tunnel. Like in those movies when someone has a near-death experience and find themselves in this glaringly bright white place which leads to heaven and then someone tells them their time is not up and they get sent back to their bodies. If you want to be nice, it’s “artistry”.

By the time I figured out what the hell went wrong with my camera, the girls were too tired to continue walking around in the blazing sun. I had to settle for candid shots instead.
And then we spotted this group of couples who were going overboard with PDA in the sea. LOL Niang tried to stop us from watching them “Not for kids to watch!”

Guess what? I have photographic evidence of their hanky-pankying! Who wants them uploaded?! XDDD

Then we had a lethargic game of Frisbee amongst ourselves and the opposing wind .

Actually no.

It was more like Fetch since most of us spent more time picking up what the other has thrown.

And obviously in every BBQ, there’s always several who jump to be the cooks for the day. In this case, Tang Jie & Ke Qi fulfilled the roles unexpectedly.
Photobucket Junyang's just eating here.

Along with a lot of other GUYS. I suppose BBQ has got to be the few, if not only, manly form of cooking you can do. Coz it involves FIRE (being so near to it is dangerous and undoubtedly doing it knowing is very manly) and minimal ingredient preparation.

I happily consigned myself to the passive role like all those eating. But honestly, I daren’t take too much BBQ since I didn’t do anything. So it mostly mee hoon and the likes.

Niang played poker with the girls.
It became Hazel’s turn to be unlucky while Ke Qi got a reversal of fortunes. This was also the first time I heard Ke Qi’s evil laugh. O.o…

Since I wasn't keen on the cooking and I don't know how to play cards much, eating became an activity of sorts. They didn't have dessert there and I coincidentally stashed chocolate away in my bag. Yay, rite?
Unfortuantely they changed state...but still edible, rite?

...I feel utterly retarded for recording this.

Then we saw this really cool pair of guys wearing...erm...Modified skates? I don't know what they're called. But basically they (literally) give the wearer an extra spring in their steps. The duo were doing backflips and all those stunts effortlessly. We cheered them on (even though they're complete strangers loh). Maybe that's why they approached our area and gave us a close-up eyeful of they could do.

Sadly the clip I recorded was of a semi-failed attempt. But cool nonetheless. I wonder if these things can be rented...

I had to leave early coz of Jap class. But got take group pic before I left. YEY!

I wished I could have stayed longer though. And hopefully, there'll be more outings in the near future.
Photobucket The view's gorgeous, eh?

Next time, I'll don shorts instead of jeans and take more photos. And dunk people in the water. Unintentionally, of course.