Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As it turns out, Eneeli can get to school early in the mornings, but utterly fails to do so in the afternoons.

I reached Dover Station around 12.15-ish and ended up half-sprinting to the classroom where I was greeted by everyone staring upon walking in. It just so happens that the first time I’m late, the tutor HAD to be reeeally particular about punctuality. I think I might have been already marked for the black list in the marketing module now. Way to go girl -_-.

And despite all the oversleeping, I still remained in a semi-aware state for the better part of the afternoon. There were those little shops along the corridor area and Foodcourt 6, which sold stuff like CDs, accessories and clothes. One of them had this cute T-shirt which had a cloud having a Technicolor yawn (literally). So I went closer to look.

And promptly stepped all over the display of colourful slippers on the floor. (Much apologies to the shopowner >_<)

To make things worse, I didn’t realize it until it got pointed out. Coz really, out of the corner of my eye, it looked like a colourful carpet.
*slaps self*

So far, only two textbooks were purchased and they already cost a bomb. $64.60 damnit. It’s not even the end of the week yet. My wallet weeps for its empty belly now.

I went for the Hiroshima exchange trip thingy briefing. Yeah, even though I know nuts about Hiroshima except that it got atomic-bombed back in WWII. But it’s still in Japan. That alone is appealing enough (The location, not the bombing).

Ended up not going for the interview after all. It’s freakin’ expensive. $1800 - $2000 even though it’s still within Hiroshima and not anywhere else in Japan. For that amount, I reckoned there’ll be a field trip to some neighbouring city as well. Haiz…Wasted though. It'll probably be one of the few chances to meet and mingle with real native Japanese in their own homeland.

P.S. For the record, I'm still struggling to upload Hecate outing photos onto Photobucket (IT SUCKS). The %**$#&% website hangs on me every few minutes. >_<

P.P.S. The first sentence only applies to my current school and not AMKSS =)