Friday, October 17, 2008

I really shouldn't be blogging now. Really.

It's less than 3 days to the Big Os. And I really shouldn't be dl-ing stuff anywhere wthin a 5m radius of my PC. But to show this blog and its owner ain't dead...

Anyway, the Farewell Assembly has long passed. I've yet to upload/edit my photos, but a vid of the Teachers SINGING is up. There was a particularly irritating matter in which some supposedly victimised people played up their role and created a storm in a doll teacup...But it went okay I guess. A more detailed blogpost of the Farewell Assembly shall follow up next month.
Teachers Singing "My Wish"

The dreaded O'Levels Practical Exam has also gone by...I spent nearly that whole day complaining/bemoaning it, so I shall fret no more.

What happened then? ...Hmm....
- My Test-Tube Peg caught fire and I thought it was the glowing splint within that ignited...By the time I realised the wooden peg was aflamed (and half-blackened), the fire was like this far ---> <---- from my hand.
- Somehow or other, I spilled the unknown salt with the highly reactive Potassium element in it on my hand, skirt, exam paper, workplace, etc...With the bunsen burner still lit.
- The given distilled water bottle behaved like an asmatic walrus having a heart attack. It heaved and squeaked and huffed thorough the whole damn thing, hindering the clean-up process. T_T

All in all...Haiz...Screw the practical man. I'm gonna pin thy hopes on the Paper III.

On my way back yesterday, I met the two patchy black cats which hovered around my block again. They had really nice eyes, those sooty kitties. One of them had brilliant emerald eyes while the other's were of the brightest gold. However, the one with the golden eyes seemed odd last night. It fixated its gaze on me and stared as I walked to the lift lobby, its eyes now a deep amber. Then the light reflected off those eyes and I felt like I was in those creepily cheesy B-Grade Chinese horror movies whereby the ghosts are neon green and enter the scene with much fanfare, dry ice smoke & looped scary music...

Black cats crossing my path...Hmmm....An omen of sorts perhaps?

And on a final note, because I can't bring myself to continue typing....Here are some more quizzes/blog thingies.

148,377 People

WAAAAAAAAAAH! Kami's Death Anniversary is on my birthday =( Did Malice Mizer's decline begin from there?
1999 - Kami, Japanese drummer (Malice Mizer)


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