Saturday, September 13, 2008

SuperBand 见面会 @ Junction 8

Today I did a normal fangirl-thing which I usually don't do - I went to a Meet & Greet Session....Sorta. They basically played games with the band people, while we watch.

It was a mistake that led to my being there in the first place. I thought there would be performances like the IMM event, but it turned out to be a mere Meet&Greet kinda thing. Yeah. It's high time I learn to read Chinese words instead of ignoring them in plain sight. I even brought a mini-tripod stand so my cam wouldn't wobble too much while I record stuff. T_T

But anyway, it turned out to be a pleasant event, though some of the bands featured don't look too happy to be there. Frankly, I don't mind it but the atmosphere wasn't that all lively. Games were played, supposedly bringing the bands closer to the fans. We got a brief idea of who's who & who's what.

异世界 (ethe'Real)

The first game played was something like Charades, except the person who's describing can only do so in Chinese & cannot direct-translate the English phrase given. His bandmates were to guess the English idiom/proverb as it is. Frankly, I winced inwardly when they announced 异世界 (ethe'Real) was to play this. Making the transition from English/Japanese to Chinese was clearly uncomfortable for the orignally J-rock band. Imagine the possibly mangled translations in Charades that could happen.

The first player from 异世界 was their bassist, Sam.

The phrase: "Pot Calling The Kettle Black".
He tried to describe as 那个煮汤的和那个煮水的讲话。Which translated to "The thing which cooks soup talks to the thing which boils water". WTF? And his bandmates actually succeeded in guessing it correctly...O_o"

Next up was Kunio, their vocalist.

His phrase was "Birds of The Same Feather Flock Together". By far, he took the shortest time of the three members who played.

Finally, it was their drummer Jun who took the stage.

The phrase was "Building Castles In The Air". Coincidentally, they know an organizer on the sgcafe forums called "Castle-In-The-Sky". So he tried to use that. The fans (including LiangYi & I) helped out by yelling clues. But he still took quite a while though.

异世界 (ethe'Real)'s command of Chinese, while still better than mine at any rate, made me feel a tad less apologetic for my poor grasp of Chinese. They are years older than me & they aren't pros either. So there, all you CHEE-NA people! I ain't the only one who is not as Chinese as I should be! XP

Next game was Musical Statues. When the music plays, they can do as they like. When the music stops, they have to freeze. But two sporting members of 大风吹 acted as villans as they went around the "statues" and tried to make them laugh. No prize on who Channel U's gonna pick for their next gameshow hosts. Those who smiled/laughed were outed. The bands participating were Screamm & 三月.

The guys were just quite spontaneous. They pole-danced around the victim, tickled them & made the usual funny faces. As a result, only one member of Screamm was left with three of 三月. The sole female member of Screamm was pretty good. She remained stone-faced even though the two guys kept picking on her to work on.

Third game involved 森林帖, 大风吹 & 兔子. They had a sticker each, stuck on varying body parts from the butt
Photobucketto the armpit to the back of the knee.

The MC read a Chinese passage. The moment they hear a numeral being read, they have to put their stickered body part to another (e.g. Butt to armpit which unfortunately didn't happen).

Finally, the vocalists of all the bands were called upon to compete for the longest breath. It was obvious the vocalists of 异世界 (ethe'Real) & Screamm weren't really trying. I have seen them sing live before & they are defintately capable of much, much more than what they shown here (clocking at under 10s for both this time).

The others...Well, they did try. Whether or not it was their best, I don't know.

And throughout the whole time, I was standing next to this annoying fellow who supported every band and made a nuisance of himself when he cheered out at the most inappropriate times. I'm guessing he is one of the backstage crew since some of the bands knew him. Or he could be your friendly neighbourhood stalker? Whoever he was, I don't like him. From his behaviour, I get the feeling that he's like those wannable No. 1 fan kinda person who takes fanship to a whole new COMPETITIVE level. Like he's only out to prove he is their No.1 supporter to the bands and to us fans. Humph. Since when did fans have different classes eh?

The games would have been lame in a normal context, but they seem interesting here. If I were to ever plan any games, it'll be the latter two. They're recipes for sabotage and Fun!humiliation.

But all in all...I don't really want to go to another of this kind of event. I rather watch live performances...Even though I kept forgetting to watch 异世界 (ethe'Real) on the Superband episodes. -_-"

Group Photo

But still, I'm anticipating the episode where they can get sing a song of their choice (NO THEME/Restrictions). Hopefully, 异世界 (ethe'Real) will go back to their J-rock roots again.

And I found out that 异世界 (ethe'Real) is not the only band with ties to J-rock. These duo from Screamm
were once members of the local J-rock band, Hidama.

The guy was an excellent drummer in Hidama & the girl was their vocalist. I remembered being awed by how such a petite frame could carry off this big voice so effortlessly. But once again, let us be reminded that J-rockers can't switch to Mando-Pop so easily. Their styles are vastly different, y'know.
The Hidama vocalist remained the vocalist in Screamm, but somehow, I find that the quality has suffered somewhat. Then the Hidama drummer became a guitarist in Screamm. Which was wasted coz I still think his drumming skills should be shown off properly on national TV.

On my way home, I saw this rather cute guitar in the display windows of CashConverters (AMK branch).
Then the image of Sam from 异世界 (ethe'Real) playing it just struck me out of the blue. Which was half-way between downright disturbing and utterly gay. Or both actually.

Although if I could play the guitar, I'll want it for myself despite the sheer...gayness (NOT in that homosexual way) of it. It costs a whopping S$388, by the way.

P.S. I took 70+ photos which were majority clear for once! ^_^
But unfortunately they can't be post up here since they're mostly candids with unglam shots of the bands picking noses, leering perversely at their own male band members and being uttterly sian during the whole event. It's bad publicity, y'know? XD