Friday, September 12, 2008


I just came back from watching 4bia with HweeYing & her Mum. It was...for the lack of a suitable word...FUN
4BIA kecil

A tuition friend had given me a warning: The 1st story is just an appetizer. There would be a really gory story & another being the scariest of them all.
Which was somewhat true also, I guess. But it was a pity the cinema was relatively full. There were some immature people making fun of the acting, the Thai language (RACIST!) & those who were truly afraid & screaming. Irritating. T_T

Anyway to sum things up;
1st Story: Really just an appetizer. Not scary.
2nd Story: Gory. It shows some really Final Destination-like ways to die.
3rd Story: Ironically, it was funny. Not because of it was cheesy or anything, but it incorporated movie puns and had this plot twist right at the end. Yeah sure, people died. But they made it funny.
4th Story: The scariest one. It was those typical ghost tales in which the guilty gets punished. But the setting & the use of shock tactics scared the shit out of many in the cinema.

I seriously need to rant about this. But to avoid spoilering people...

The 1st tale is about communication beyond the grave. A girl (I forgot her name -_-") was confined to her room because she broke her leg in a car accident. We get a glimpse of her lonely situation. So when she receives a sms from an unknown number, she ended up chatting with the stranger who sent it. This went on for several days until she found out the truth and tried to cut off contact to no avail. The stranger turned out to be the guy who ran into the path of the girl's taxi & caused the accident. Apparently, the last thing he saw before he died was her. Anyway, when she tried to cut off contact, the dead guy said he was in the area and was on his way up to visit her. As he made his way to her room, the lights in the area just switched off one by one. The girl tried to keep him out, by bolting and locking all openings, but all in vain. Her room lights went off...
She ended up using her handphone light as a torch. On the display screen, we see the photo of herself which she had sent to him earlier. The empty space was now filled with a man's face. SUDDENLY. The translucent figure of a man zooms near and the next thing I know, she is flung out of her high-rise flat and plunges to her death. As she lay dead upon the ground...A funeral wake goes by...Bearing the picture of her ghostly companion....
This tale makes use of scenes like this
4bia whereby there is a big empty space next to the person, like it should have been filled by someone. I really disturbed by this. I was kept on a state of tension throughout coz I keep expecting people to randomly pop up in these spaces (which they didn't T_T). Then I flinched on instinct when he suddenly made his appearance coz it was utterly random and sudden (And I had just begun to relax). But you can't help but feel sorry for the poor girl in the end. She hadn't done anything to him and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

No Need for Anti-Spoiler Measures since it's just a Gorefest.

A gang of delinquents kept picking on this poor lad who had accidentally discovered weed in their bags and hence was indirectly responsible for their expulsion from school. They had kidnapped him when he was on his way to the hospital and spent the day thrashing him. At the end of his ordeal, he ended up falling off a moving car when his captors lost their grip while dangling him over the edge. But he survived to wreak vengeance on the bullies in the form of black magic.
Apparently since his dad was an undertaker, he took photos of people who died with their eyes open & created a cursed book in which those who looked at it would perish (in utterly random & illogical ways).

The 1st girl took a look, was horrified and stepped backwards only to be impaled through the collarbone by a rusty screw. She bled to death in the car coz her friends were too stupid to at least try to minimise the bleeding instead of dragging her all the way from the top floor to their car.
The Bullied Boy, settler of the curse himself, ended up looking at the book and panicked so much at whatever invisible entity he saw that he smashed through the glass window & impaled himself on the school flag (Raining blood all over a poor passer-by's ice cream).
A Long-Haired Guy had an air-con unit fall on him & broke apart, leaving him wearing a box on his head. He died when it sparked to life again & the blades within shredded his head to a bloody mess.
The dead girl's boyfriend perished when the air-con blade flew off and sliced his face in horizontal halves.
Then pages from the cursed book (which the idiots brought with them) started flying around and the Bespectacled Guy, in a bid to prevent his flailing Gang Leader from even glimpsing the cursed paper, ended up falling over the low ledge and to his death(by far, the most merciful fate of all).
The Gang Leader survived the fall since he landed atop a vending machine. He climbed on a huge pile of recyclable paper and just stood there (That Fool). The seemingly only one with any semblance of intelligence, his girlfriend,4biadashed down to the ground floor as soon as possible. Which was just nice for the sparks from the air-con unit to land on a gas cylinder & ignite a great explosion. Then a spark from THAT explosion landed on the paper pile & erupted in a great blaze which consumed the Gang Leader alive.
This girl watched everyone die and saw the 3D-Animation of the mutilated Black Magic Boy who threatened her with this and that. She was rescued in time by arriving policemen who rejected her testimony and left her alone while they got her parents. It was then did the 3D-Animated Boy returned with zombie helpers to try to "convince" her to look at the book. She denied him....By gorging out her own eyes. Nice effect though. She lived but went nuts in the end. The whole damn story then ended with a sheet of cursed paper drifting around into the distance before returning at lightning speed to plaster itself against the movie screen. Typical...

The third tale was a laugh. It was about a group of guys who goes camping in the forest. In the tent, the quartet listened to one of them tell a ghost story about a succubus which haunts the one sleeping at the edge. The one sleeping at the edge then, Shin was freaked by the story and acted really gay made a fuss about wanting to sleep in the middle instead. Then Aey joked that if he died, he'll haunt the one sleeping in the middle.

The next day, the fellows went rafting down a river. When they reached the rapids, the raft overturned coz this guy Phak insisted on standing up and overturned the raft in the end. All but Ter made it to shore. Aey then dived in to save Ter who was struggling for his life. In the end, only Ter resurfaced.
The guys spent that night worrying and being guilty & paranoid as well...But just then, Aey appeared (dripping wet & shivering). Everyone was glad to have him back, but they were in doubts as to whether Aey was really ALIVE. Then one thing led to another and they ended up fleeing from Aey before coming to a Six Sense-like conclusion that Aey, like Bruce Willis in The Six Sense, wasn't aware of himself being dead.
But then came the plot twist. ALL OF THEM HAD DROWNED. Aey had came back tell the others just that.

I really liked this one coz
1) Guys are featured behaving a tad too gay in the face of fear.
2) Movie puns are being made here and there. (e.g. The idea of shoulder ache being caused by spirits sitting upon them was originally stolen from the Titanic since Rose sat on Jack's shoulder then)
3) People died, but we hear it from the spirits' point of view this time.

I'm frankly...Rather creeped-out by the female ghost's looks in this. It was something like deja vu. She had my hairstyle when I was in Lower Sec...Complete with centre-parting & white strands interwoven with the matted black hair. She looked like me minus the sharp beak-like nose, rotting skin & vomit. Because of her memorable close-ups, I'm now a tad wary of all reflective surfaces at home. But on the other hand, I could cosplay her if I wanted to. Just add black eyeshadow, greyish foundation & vomit.

Anyway the story goes like this. A flight stewardess Pim was recalled back to serve Princess Sophia in her private flight. She had previously, with another girl Tui, served the Royal Couple of Prince Albert & Princess Sophia on their own private flight. Unfortunately Tui's brother Ter, had drowned, leading to Pim being left on her own.

Pim had an affair with Prince Albert, a fact Princess Sophia had just learnt. As they say, Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman's Scorn.. The Princess had deliberately caused trouble for Pim, from upsetting a hot cup of coffee on her and warning her that in her country, women who sleep with married men will be stoned to death & made to beg for forgiveness from the man's wife before she dies. Naturally, Pim retaliated. When the Princess demanded Pim serve her Pim's lunch instead of her own, Pim served the Princess shrimp pasta despite knowing full well she is allergic to them.

A SEVERE allergic reaction was triggered and the Princess died the next day. Since the Royal Family requested the body be flown back to them by the next day. And that was how Pim got to be alone with the corpse.
So from then on, you can pretty much guess what happens. She is terrorised (along with half the cinema) and eventually is killed by Pincess Sophia.

I can't wouldn't elaborate more coz my skin is starting to crawl again. Terror can't be conveyed through words alone & I don't want to find screencaps.