Monday, September 15, 2008

Post-Career Conference

The Bad News have arrived. We started getting our Pre-Lims results back. I didn't do well for Biology Paper II, I flunked A*Maths again (No surprise there) & then I proceeded to flunked Chinese as well. ;_;

Just last Friday we had this Career Conference where the school, invites its successful old boys & girls to "inspire" the next generation. But as usual, only the typical choices were available. Doctor.Lawyer (Family Affairs).Bank Officials. Salesman.Counsellor.Nurse. ZZzz...Not to complain too much, but why couldn't they have gotten a Journalist or Scientist or even ROCK STAROr Actor, if the school hadn't produced any Rock Stars.

But anyway, the Doctor, was by far the most interesting speaker. I misplaced the timetable that day...So most names aren't available here. I do recall though that he was a radiologist & his name had a Boon in it.

He came to us with the air of someone who didn't really want to be here but was forced by his dear Alma mater to talk to the kids. He then proceeded to tell us about the YEARS and YEARS and YEARS of studying a doctor has to go through, the stringent conditions which eliminated most of the hoi polloi and numerous other negative facts meant to put us off the road to becoming a legitimate saver of life.

Let's see...From the Doctor, I learnt:
1] 1-Year of Houseman ship is HELL - since one has to play slave to the whole bloody department in the hospital.
2] Life Begins @ 40 - Coz that'll be when you'll actually be done studying.
3] Doctors NEVER Die - They'll grow old and never stop being a Doctor until they themselves die. But the responsible ones'll retire when their eyesight/mobility fails them. If not, we'll see Old Blind-As-A-Bat Surgeons in the Operating Theatre as well as an unprecedented rise in operation mortality rates.

Despite the laughable harsh truth & the matter-of-factly manner the Doctor put it across to us, the whole LifeSaver thing does sound like a noble cause. Almost like those Healing Hands drama serials from Hong Kong. You slog your guts out, fall asleep on your feet but it's all worth the while when you snatch your patient(s)' life back from the jaws of death.

The Doctor's probably using some reverse-psychology method of inspiring us and it's working coz we have no lack of naivety to bring forth. I too, was thinking rather positively of the whole Mug-Ur-Head-Off-Only-To-Save-Others-In-Future thing until someone brought up the topic of Forensic Science.

Which had thankfully, brought me plummeting back to earth & my original choices if I were to go down the Medicinal Road. Long ago, I had decided that dead people were far easily to deal with compared to the live ones. Disregarding all those ghostly tales that is. But as human beings, they can't don't Tell Lies, can't don't Take Up Legal Action, etc, etc...Get my point?

Not to mention I was inspired by Bones, the series about this forensic anthropologist solving crimes by looking at horribly disfigured corpses (or parts of them in some cases). Their Special Effects are realistically good! Especially one when a boy's maggot-infested head dropped off his rotting bo-

Erm. Back to the point. If I were to ever go down the Scientific road, I'll be a forensic someone. Doesn't matter what, I can be a forensic anthropologist, a forensic pathologist...But that is a big IF since the world of science & research have been known to accept nothing but the creme de la creme de la creme. Which nicely equates to a shitload of mugging for me. After which I can do a really accurate cosplay of Princess Sophia's ghost in 4bia without make-up whatsoever.

Urg. Then just as we got all worked out from the Career Conference, the Pre-Lim results came pouring water on our parade. So much for perfect timing nah....

That aside though. There's a lovely pre-Sunset Sunset scene outside my house today.

Kinda matches my mood a little. Dark & Light & Blue at the same time.

EDIT @ 12.15AM: OMG. 异世界 (ethe~Real) nearly got booted out this round. 森林帖 (Sen Lin Tie) was the sacrifice instead. Phew...But WTF?! 森林帖 (Sen Lin Tie) was one of the better bands there! Why don't those with the SAME OLD BORING style every week get knocked out? But NOOOOOO. Those band(s) remains one of the most popular because their so-called fresh style sticks with the &$@#$%^ judges & they have a larger sucker fanbase. GRRRRR!