Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Phobia of 4bia?

The Pre-Lims are ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST over. I just finished my MCQs yester. Despite the numerous similar options which were meant to create some serious indecision issues push us students to make decisions quickly and CORRECTLY, I comfort myself with the fact that there is 25% chance of getting the answer right. Yep. 25% is alot (Am desperately focusing on the bright side here)

Anyway, I finally went on a mini-outing of sorts after a endless cycle of tuition, angst & failed attempts at self-study. After school, it was straight to J8 for lunch. I joined HuiYing, YinYao & LiangYi for lunch @ Long John Silver, in which the topic of horror movies came up. Despite all the talking, I still couldn't get anyone to watch 4bia with me. T_T...Haiz.

My basic starter would go like this:
Me: Hey, you wanna watch a movie soon?
Target: Ok, what movie?
Me: (insert beaming expression) 4bia.
Target: (blanches/stunned pause/bug-eyed look) NO WAY. I don't watch horror movies/I get scared/NOOOOOOOOOO!

So far, practically all the girls I've asked bear a certain fear of horror movies. Heck, even my MOTHER resents horror movies.

Today I asked someone whom I thought liked horror movies. And suddenly, she went on about how fake the trailer seemed and became the "Horror Movie Connoisseur", critisizing horror movies and how fake and unrealistic they are. Like duh the trailer would suck. It's a Thai movie being advertised in Singapore in the most slipshod manner. If it was a local horror movie, the trailer could probably be much better.

As for the whole realism (or lack thereof), nothing beats the real thing. But you can't experience if you don't have the slightest shred of belief in the supernatural. For instance, devout Christians who are strictly biased would just waste their time watching horror movies. After all, those who don't believe don't see the whole point. Maybe those kinds just watch to point out all the flaws and justify their religion. Or simply dissing horror movies is the equivalent of dissing fashion trends.

Personally, I don't really believe in the supernatural that much. I semi-believe because I have seen and heard evidence of their presence. Even before I Saw & Heard, I found horror movies interesting because of the element of suspence & the innate human fear of the unknown. And no, I'm not wasting time scaring myself. There is a reason why Asian horror movies tend to be better than Western horror movies (though there have been exceptions). There is a moral lesson of sorts to be learnt and usually, the humane society values are challenged and questioned.
Like in The Ring (The Japanese ORIGINAL), we learn of society's cruel rejection of what the different, or rather, what is defined by as "weird". To be polite to the narrow-minded conservative, there is a fine, fine line between "weird" & "unique". To be frank, it is the same thing, just different viewpoints (one from the bottom of Loserville & the other from the wide skylight)

By the way, this is 4bia's INTERNATIONAL trailer. Not the crappy one shown on Singapore's TV screens. One shouldn't judge a movie by its trailer.

I'm pretty much stressed by the state of my science practical (which didn't go as planned. Hopefully, I'll be able to watch 4bia tomorrow.