Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Teachers' Day!!!

For the first time in my secondary school life, I managed to sleep the night before Teachers' Day. For this year, I'm not doing anything different for Be Yourself Day (A cosplay practice for me each year). NO TIME!
But at least I have my trusty cam to make it memorable.

KoonLing, LuoMin, HweeYing & I presented the flaming pink bikini card to Mdm Yau at the Parade Square before the celebrations started. I didn't get to record her reaction from beginning to end. But when she saw it, she went "What's that? It looks like a B-(Insert stupefied expression)"

Lolz. And I thought the class guys were the only ones who couldn't say "Bikini" aloud.

And as usual, we had the annual talent show rip-off. This year, it was the AMKsian Got Talent competition (modelled after America's Got Talent or something like that). Out of 20+ people, they shortlisted about 6-7 contestants. Some of them were pretty commendable (either for enthusiasm or potential), but the others were rather...Ahem. Yah.

One Little Slip (Barenaked Ladies cover)

The first contestant was by far the most energetic of all. There was never a still moment with this guy who held the audience's attention with lively moves and...Well...Sheer enthusiasm. He went off here and there, but compensated for that with an air guitar (which I didn't capture coz I was flailing around T_T).
Air Guitars...are for the truly thick-skinned confident. He pulled it off without seeming retarded. Kudos to him for that.

I reckon Jeremy had the best voice there. But it was obvious that he was nervous from his stiff posture and his rather...terse voice. Relax, Jeremy. You sing well enough to trounce the competition.

Next was my Drama junior Hanna, singing M2M's Mirror Mirror. And then others which I forgot about. Except for this girl singing a Mandarin song. She sang sweetly, but since I seldom listen to Mandarin songs, I wouldn't know how to tell good from passable (BUT I can tell AWFUL from OK).

The dancing segment put it politely, inspired by the Jabbawockeez, one of the best teams from America's Best Dance Crew TV show.

That was the original Jabbawockeez, one of the best dance crews in America. Then a group of students tried to emulate the Jabbawockeez by combining moves from all their dances from the America's Best Dance Crew TV show and one of their dance outfits as well.

I'm going to take that these fellows treat the Jabbawockeez as their idols. Hence the copy-likeness. At least, they did put their hearts into it.

Then we had another rock band whose music, through the school's sound system, was more heavy metal murmur-roar than anything else. And we all moved up into the hall for the Awards.

I don't know what the hell is going on, but there was this fashion show with clothing made of recycled materials. It was done by the Sec 1 to 3s. Well, some of them were pretty interesting. As I recalled, there was a "cute" MALE cheerleader with a newspaper costume. Everyone couldn't tell he was a HE at first...Lolz.
And here are some of the contestants.

The Olympian Fairy of 3/5 won the contest in the end, with her poofy skirt.

Then we had the Teachers'Awards, which was decided via voting earlier on. Personally, I voted Mrs Veda for a number of awards, but she never did win anything. Haiz. I guess it's a lack of support from her Sec 3 classes. But Mr Tan Song Hou, whom I voted for Most Understanding won said award in the end. Yay Mr Tan!
Ms Clara Lim set a record with two awards in a row. One was Most Eloquent and the other forgot. But it's not bad for a teacher who was here for barely two years.
Ms Zaiton won the Most Informative (or was it Most Knowledgeble?) and was a good sport when she mocked-ran to the Principal to get her medal.

Ms Lesa, as usual, got the Most Stylish award. Psst...Mr Sim was smiling when her name was announced. ;-)
Mr Soh got the Most Creative award (but not the Most Humorous which went to a Mr Tong). Probably for his cold jokes made during chemistry lessons.

And Mr Ong, a Discipline Master, got voted Coolest Teacher.Photobucket
And here he is, the Coolest teacher checking if his medal isn't made of chocolate.

THANKS to the weather, the 5km (or was it 15km?) relay run was cancelled and we had instead a Push-Up competition amongst the classes.

Needless to say, not all the Sec 4 classes participated in the event. 4/1 sent a muscle team show-offs, the ever-competitive 4/5 HAD to send people too and the more sporting NT classes just sent their teams for the heck of it. But that was it for the Sec 4s.
4/1's Muscle Team for showing off so-called masculinity

Lolz. It's pretty ironic to see a cute little girl (Junior Ong) alongside an attempt at masculinity.

Over at 4/5, it's mostly silent support.

Just when I thought a particular Sec 2 class was insane for doing 400++ push-ups amongst five people, 4/5 trounced them with 529 push-ups with girls in their line-up as well. Girl power, eh?

But in between the push-ups, I succeeded in taking sneak shots of people here and there. But I'll probably post them later along with the videos since Photobucket Hates Me right now and refuses to cooperate. PHOTOS UPLOADED!

Oh ya. Nadzeef came as this nomad with funky pants & a digeridoo in a carpet. He won 2nd prize for the Be Yourself Day competition...At this rate, I could have whipped up something myself overnight. T_T.

Then again, the judges were pretty unfair themselves. There were some who were unique enough, whom I felt deserved to win. Like this Sec 2 guy here.

But NOOOOOOO. Instead the 1st prize went to a pair of preppy schoolgirls who dressed alike. They weren't worth taking any photos of. In fact, if they hadn't won, I wouldn't have identified them as participants. The remaining prize went to the Jabbawockeez wannabes. From this, it's pretty obvious that the school is sending out a subtle message that
It's utter bullshit. The school's RICH values, that is. Didn't they encourage CREATIVITY? How is dressing alike CREATIVE? Isn't it BE YOURSELF DAY? Everyone has only one self each. So extending a Self to more than one person is considered CREATIVE huh? If that's the case, then the standards for creativity here is pathetically low. Disappointing.

At least I have my photos though. Here are some of them along the day.

Sadako revived...

...and sweeping the classroom? O_o...

Joled & Gang having a laugh at the rock band

Class 4/2...WingYan saw me taking the photo...

I would very much like to post the photo of Lorayne who had bravely donned Mdm Yau's bikini card. But I need her approval which she isn't likely to give. So...Too bad loh.

Nadz & The Bagman Joled

Kelvin & a whole lot of other people Looking Bored

And Everyone Rushing To Go Home AT LAST

Well, all in all, Teachers'Day was fine. They improved the entertainment though not that much and the prizes since the Be Yourself Day winners get medals even if some didn't deserve it. Maybe...Just maybe, I'll be back next year to check it out again.