Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee Izza DANGER When I'm There

When I grow up, I'll probably need therapy but I wouldn't go for it anyway.

The past few days was a troubling mental tsunami. Each marked Pre-Lim paper brought with it a fresh wave of despair and destroyed my feeble attempts at positivity. Ack. And so I spent the last few days being over-sensitive (I think) and moping whenever I could. Which technically was a waste of time that could have been spent studying but at this point, I don't feel like caring. At least Tamaki (Ouran High) grew mushrooms whenever he retreated to his damp dark emo corner.

As you may know, Excessive Mood Fizzes are detrimental to one's mental state. I could scarely focus on the matters at hand. And when I finally do so, I can't remain aware of my surroundings much. Which pretty much led to today's accident during PE where I literally almost knocked out the competition.

Mr Ong took over our class today, so PE was a tad different. He introduced some exercise called the BackStretch which reminded me of a certain Medival Age torture machine. Coincidentally resembles the modern day exercise machine.
You put a soon-to-be victim on it and tie his/her limbs to each end of the rack. Then you pull both ends at the same time and cause excruciating pain to said victim (as the joints dislocate, muscles tear & pores in the bones widen). Although the survivors of this torture are said to have longer limbs when they got out. So those with Height Obsessions CAN try this. No pain, no gain after all. XP

Anyway, the BackStretch involved you flopping up and down like a dying fish. But I digress. Mr Ong later grouped the class for a game of Ultimate Frisbee and seperated some from their usual groups. My group members were Charis, WenQi, HuiYing, YinYao & LiangYi. We played against Dan Hui's group which had two guys, BoonHao & ZheHao on their side.

I know what you're thinking. Two guys VS an All-Girls team? Not a chance, you say. But there was slightly more active participation now. I was for once, not locked from the game due to someone else's monopoly of it. So I had been reeeally focused on the frisbee. To the point that I had my eyes on the frisbee and nothing else. And thus slammed my arm into poor Boon Hao's mouth. And topped it off by knocking off his specs. I hadn't really noticed I actually hit something until he started to groan. Oops. O_O"
A laughing fit promptly overcame me right there and then (I blame that streak of Schadenfreude within) coz laughter's infectious so much so that everyone laughed. Yeah. I couldn't apologise properly =X

Honestly, I'm sorry for whacking his mouth. But after that, maybe coz of the much-needed laughter, maybe coz of the violence therapy...Hopefully the former...I felt much better than I did in a long time.

That DOESN'T MEAN that I'll make it a habit of whacking people to relieve stress. This time was purely an accident, I swear.
And I'll know how much a mouth injury hurts, coz my first kiss had been with the concrete floor when I was tripped up fell and chipped off half a front tooth back in P4.

Anyway, the spirit of Schadenfreude is strong within society. So I guess I shouldn't be too bothered about it. After all I have other things to do. Like angst over the Pre-Lims, angst over the O's, angst over the newly-bitten mouth ulcer (retribution for elbowing people in the face perhaps?), etc, etc, etc...

I'd love to play Ultimate Frisbee again though. It's one of the few sports that doesn't threaten to rip my neglected & overly long fingernails off when I catch something with my undersized hand.

P.S. What on earth do the teachers do in the staffroom? The essay I handed to Mrs Anum came back with a mysterious brown stain on the edge which smelled strangely chemical. The kind that makes you want to bolt right away. Urine doesn't even smell half as bad.