Thursday, August 21, 2008

Disastrous Start, Disastrous End

The Pre-Lims begun with a disastrous start. Even Mr Ong was using the word "Disastrous" again and again today.

"If you (hit on the invigilator/have a gargantuan pencil case on the table/cheer aloud after each question/take off your shoes & socks) and the Chief Invigilator is very strict, it'll be DISASTROUS for you", he says.
Guess which one did he actually say.

The E Maths Paper 1 was one of those exams where you have an inkling that you did the questions before and briefly recall some garbled method to solve it. But those bits of memory doesn't makes sense in the paper and you come up with more garbled equations to fill in the blanks.

All that garbling made me all the more sleepy (despite smuggling Pokka green tea into the Hall). And I wasted time redoing questions because my sleepy vision played tricks on me. (DAMMNIT I SAW 20 as 26 & REDID SIMPLE SIMULTANEOUS EQNS THREE TIMES!!!)

Already feeling terrible for my blunders, my dearest classmates (a small group specifically) just had to start whining about "definately getting (insert unrealistically high numbers) marks loss" and "I sure die wan". Once again, these people are the ones that get As & Bs. Irritating. Apparently they haven't the consideration to spare a thought for someone who borders on failing everytime.

During the break, I went around passing Mdm Yau's card to my class's people scattered all over the canteen.

About 15 minutes before the EL Paper I begun, said group of classmates from before had to start blabbling about the EL format which quickly warped to Geography & Biology. Their chatter sounded so much for a bunch of chickens on crack. Thus, the beginnings of a headache was born.

For the first 10 minutes, I was uttetly stupefied. That irritating chicken chatter kept resounding in my head. It was AMPLIFIED, may I add.
The first signs of madness perhaps?
And for the rest of the bloody EL exam, I couldn't so much as string two sentences together. My essay is doomed for sure, going out of point and all. And my letter is screwed. I kept reiterating the same points and suddenly took a noble tone at the end.
"Adults may not take us students seriously, but we shall use this opportunity to prove ourselves....and show everyone the meaning of the human spirit"

Ugh. Now I feel like throwing from the cheese of it.

To round it all up, I went to the library today with company to study. And came to the realization that I may have invited a fox (no offense to real foxes though. I like 'em) into my life. Sickening...

Please. Is it so difficult to fucking SHUT UP after the exam? Yeah, yeah. I know they wanna discuss and compare and boost their flagging confidence by having people sympathize with poor poor them.
If they has truly not done well, I'll sympathize with them. Even join them.
But when the whiners are the ones who always get As, how do you think this makes those who have a much higher likelihood of failing?