Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Pre-Lims are Tomorrow

Time passes really quickly now. One moment I was making New Year resolutions and suddenly I find myself stressing over the Pre-Lims and more importantly, the O levels.

Slightly emotional, prone to frequent(but sometimes subtle)mood swings and a sheer loss of enthusiasm for what I revolved my life around (ANIME).
Although not exactly good for my mental health, it seems to be the perfect mental state for studying. Yeah. Ironically, I study better when I'm feeling somewhat emo.

Anyway, my plans for this year's Be Yourself Day seem to have vanished. One of my seniors planned to make a bang for his last Be Yourself Day by dressing as Darth Vader. And created quite a commotion, but ended up with the first prize anyway.

(He looks kinda drunken here though 0_o...)

Anyway, Clara & I did plan up a storm for this year's Be Yourself Day. But as usual, we underestimated the stress level & time insufficiency of the Pre-Lims...I guess my last year'll go out quietly then..
Nevertheless, I shall revive the passion for cosplay soon. The Summer Matsuri is coming up [Though I'll have to forgo the Natsu Matsuri =(].

I'll probably be blogging less now (so much for reviving this blog). But as soon as I have appropriate pics, I'll post 'em. We did a veeeeery nice card for Mdm Yau. And I've finally discovered that blindingly colourful notes help me study better. Charis agrees. She prefers my geog notes to the text or teacher. =)

What I learnt today...Hmm...Copper(II) Chloride, like Copper(II) Sulphate, turns the Bunsen Burner flame a lovely shade of emerald. I found out when I had traces of Copper(II) Chloride on my lighted splint.
When you dip filter paper in Copper(II) Chloride solution and burn it, the flame will blaze green and or fiery blue. Burn it at the correct angle and you'll get a green flame with a blue centre. But beware though. The burning gives off a unpleasent smell.

Thanks to HweeYing for recording this!

Adios for now.