Friday, August 15, 2008

National B-Day Celebrations

Yeah. I guess it's kinda late. But Happy Belated Birthday Singapore! It's only 7 years to your mid-life crisis. Or has it already started?

Anyway, this year's National Day school celebrations were fun! I couldn't remember much of the previous years'. But 2008's memories will remain for sure. For I brought my trusty Canon Camera to school (and took candid shots)! The Class Chair had requested I seize this chance to get pics for the Class Farewell Vid.

The beloved Class Chairperson. Intimidating, non?

Hwee Ying & Her Manga. And extra extended sleeves for sun protection in this ridiculously hot weather.

Michelle & Lorayne. Two photogenic people who wanted their photos taken. And made my life a whole lot easier.

A Boy & His Nerds. I wished I took a vid of him attempting to unstick stuck candy. It reminds me of a caveman's curiousity.

WingYan taking pictures of her pals.

Proceeding to our standing view.

The MCs. All of whom are from the Drama Club.

The start of the Parade.

My Class

Class 4/5 (At the direct opposite of our side)

The March-In.

The Principal & Discipline Master (Who looks like Robocop)

Someone doing something she shouldn't be doing during the parade. Eh, LiangYi? ;-)

The March-Out.

Then came the fun part. On the spur of the moment, I decided to connect my Ipod to the class speakers and played past years' National Day songs. To my utter surprise, the class started to sing along. And WingYan even went to the front to lip-synch to several songs, an act cheered on by the class. This was probably of the few and last shows of rare class unity.
Unfortunately, WingYan had thrown death threats at me requested none of her videos be posted on ANY website. Which is a great pity since it was well done (Difficult to tell she's lipsynching).

The class waiting for the signal to start.

HAH! Caught you! Someone who lived near to the activity area and yet chose to "pond" said activity. He waved at us from the third floor, damnit!

Everyone waiting in vain for something supposedly meaningful. And yeah, I'm pretty put-out that I didna get to say the Pledge along with the others nor hear thousands of voices say the Pledge. We went back, hot and sweaty, and downright bothered.

But all in all. National Day this year wouldn't be shoved into some deep crevasse in my mind and left to rot away into oblivion.