Monday, August 25, 2008

Ride A Bike With No Handle Bars?

I wanna rant about the exams today and what woes Mother Nature & Fate bestowed upon me and so on and so forth. But amazingly enough, I'm actually sick of being an angry emo writing so much about nothing much.

There aren't many interesting things happening in my life. Unless you want to count me breaking a chair for the first time simply by sitting on it, then ya.
I broke my tutor's chair yesterday. I swear it ain't my fault. The base just splindered. And no, this incident is of no indication of my weight in any case.

Winston & Joled was talking about some song on Youtube. From the bits of lyrics I heard from them,
"I can ride my bike with no handle bars"
"I can split an atom with a molecule",
"I can end the planet in a holocaust"...I thought it was another crappy lame song like the Roxas song here.

Then I watched the vid myself and hey, it has MEANING to it. Well, some meaning anyway.
Just observe the two guys at the start riding bikes with no handle bars when they come to a road junction with two signs - A Dove representing Peace & A "C" sign representing "Corporation". One chooses the path for money and the other goes for a free life. Just let the chain of thoughts go on from there and you'll get it. And watch the video. =)

Flobots - Handle Bars

Song Lyrics

Download Link Here

Ms Zaiton'll love this. It's chock-full of metaphors and symbolism. Perfect for SS.


Guess which one is yours, かがみ-san? XD