Sunday, July 13, 2008

I has lost teh ability to write

It's just five days to a three-month absence from this blog. With a whirlwind of activities during this period, I have much more to say but absolutely no motivation whatsoever to put it in words. Especially when I realised how many events are desperately in need of preservation on my online memory space.

1] S'pore StreetFest 2008 - D'J Party
2] NOMAD Preview
3] S'pore StreetFest 2008 Band Performances
4] S'pore StreetFest 2008 - WoW! Band Finals
5] NOMAD Fringe Festival
6] Superheroes Songs @ Esplanade Flipside
7] Miyuki Red White Animation Song Battle
8] S'pore Toy & Comic Convention
10] Cosfest @ D'Marquee

And let's not forget the Common Tests Rant, Pre-PreLims Peeves & the Emo Speeches. (There's the miscellaneous Life happenings; that'll be left aside)

......Dear Heavens, on account on this blog, let my perpetual Writer's Block disappear so I can get my EL homework done on time for once so my precious memories'll be preserved here.