Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My CCA Points, Monsiuer ?

Arrgh The issue of the CCA points are driving me nuts.

Everyone got their CCA point slips a few days ago and apparently, it was a rather non-thorough job since nearly everyone had a couple of mistakes in their individual achievements.

Logically, being one of the few Drama members to actually have a decent score (REGULAR ATTENDANCE & HARD WORK! NOT LUCK), I shouldn't have anything to complain about. That is, if the whole issuing of points weren't a sheer act of injustice here.

Upon hearing about my scores, a couple of , to put it politely "shrewd" Drama members borrowed mine on the pretext of double-checking their events. And at least one of them shamelessly copied off MY achievements despite being a regular no-show at meetings.

To make things worse, a non-teaching staff was assigned the job of ensuring the final point tally was accurate. And all we had to do to was to write the amendments in pencil and it'll be corrected as written. Meaning people can make up crap about their so-called achievements and the supposed hard work they put in, and thus get the same scores as those who actually worked. Why? Because they don't bother to dig up any dirt for verification!

All that talk about CCA being important for your future was nothing but a farce. A bloody hypocritical farce. Why bother working so hard when slackers can do even better than you can? They slack, they have more time to study/relax, they eventually fare better than you and they WILL GET WHAT YOU GET FOR DOING MUCH MUCH LESSER.

The %%#^**! school keeps saying, "Oh, we trust the students to follow the moral principles. Their consciences would prick them otherwise. And then they'll suffer and only have themselves to blame."
And when their expectations fall short, the Vice-Principal and/or Principal simply gives YET ANOTHER REDUNDANT speech on how "disappointed the teachers are", how "you'll not have a moment of peace cause your CONSCIENCE would bother you" and that they hope it wouldn't happen again.


If they have consciences, they wouldn't be taking credit for what they didn't work for.
If they had the vaguest sense of responsibility, they would have turned up regularly for club meetings.
If they even cared, they wouldn't have cheated someone who comprimised study and leisure time for CCA by making actual achievements amount to nothing with their falsehoods.

Needless to say, I was furious. So much so that I made another (who had a CCA slip error but chose to overlook it since it was in his favour) have his CCA slip relooked at again. I practically marched to the teacher and demanded my grievence be redressed. Something had better be done. Not just my scores, not just others' scores. But the whole bloody unfair system the school has.

God knows how many frauds got away with obtaining the two bonus points for CCA & CIP achievements by bluffing...

On hindsight though, the other whom I pointed out to the teacher did have redeeming points. He helped out regularly and was the single male senior who turned up without fail everytime. He tried his best at club activities too. All these considerably more than what the others did. But I just can't stomach the thought of another getting higher scores even though the work done was about the same. I feel betrayed somehow...
And the teacher did look rather weary. I don't mean to tax her further, but I need to see justice done.

I'm pretty drained by my outburst this afternoon. I was being pugnacious about the whole issue, a fact which I just began to be aware of. If I offended anyone who didn't deserve attitude, know that I didn't mean it to you. Stress and repeated fails with a generous serving of irritants is a surefire combination for PMS-style flare-ups.

And then the EL Oral exams on tomorrow. With Pre-lims just 8 days away...
And a stroke will probably be on its way when a blood vessel finally bursts.

P.S. If you find that RIGHTEOUS ANGER and/or TEENAGE ANGST isn't conveyed here, that's coz I believe not in using CAPS and repeated vulgarities in every ^%$#@&! sentence. This blog is open to heresy PG, Dammit!