Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Killer Cramps

For (nearly) six years, I have escaped the bane which plagued women during their fertility cycles.

For (almost) six years, I have gone through all the trials and tribulations of dear Aunt Catamenia except this.

And for the very first time in (roughly) six years, the Ultimate Mother of All Period Cramps paid me a visit. Hopefully it's a visit. A once-in-a-lifetime visit.

She arrived on a cool windy day, on the start of a new school week. Her visit was like an earthquake. It started off with slight, easily ignored tremors. But before I knew it, it flared into a full-out series of cramps, heralding the arrival of the Ultimate Cramp. It was like a black hole had opened within my abdomen and was sucking within organs, flesh & blood, but something somewhere refuses to give. It was a tug of war match in there.

I was in cold sweat and vomited bits of my last meal out. Thank God WingYan had the miracle pill pink Panadols for menstruation...

I just might have died from the pain.