Friday, April 18, 2008

D.Gray Man Crack - Channel Surf Series

....Alright. It appears I fail at keeping schedules. It's been more than three weeks since Rotation #1. And I have no motivation to put up a 2ND one. Well....I shan't make any more promises then.


Now, Youtube Recs. I spent a good amount of my time chancing upon videos there. Yes, chancing upon them. And my obsession then changes every other time (Meaning I can't infect share the addiction videos within that period of impulsive craze.

First up, D.GrayMan Crack!

Crack is basically a sub-genre of fandom in which lame references, nonsensical happening and character-mocking takes place. It is not meant to be taken seriously since it consists of parodies (Read you goddamn "Purists": PARODY).

Nevertheless, Crack continues to survive in every Anime. After all, we all need a good laugh (senseless or not) every now and then.
A word of warning though; Crack might lead to brain-breaking and a whole new (Not neccessarily awe-inspiring) perspective on your fave Anime Idol. But so ahead anyway.

The very first D.GrayMan Crack videos were of the Channel Surf series.
Created by Clefiea, it basically subs in the voices of random TV shows on random channels into the mini clips. I don't know if Clefiea herself actually channel-surfed to get all this, but either way, the series is a masterpiece. I reccomend Channel Surf 3 for its WTF moments!

Channel Surf #1

Tyki's name is horribly abused here. The steep cliff on which The Black Order HQ stands has been transformed into a pedophile's candy trap for kids. Allen & Lavi aren't wearing pants. 'Nuff said.

Channel Surf #2

One of the Fangirl triggers is at 2.53 (Priceless!). This is where Daisysa thinks he's a woman, Kanda finally decides to show off his hotness and Allen spends 25s cursing his Master nonstop.

Channel Surf #3

Komui had me riveted from the first line uttered. But my fave was this: "Ladies do not start fights but they can finish them"
This has the most WTF moments with someone channeling Chewbacca and one of those irritating songs which gets stuck in your head (The more you hate it, the longer it stays). Here's the link: Annoyance Level 2

There are others as well, but I'm not going to put it up here. Feel free to explore though. Perhaps you may find something in them to laugh about.

† D.Gray-Man: the abridged series Episode 1 †
† D.Gray-Man: The abridged series Episode 2 †
Simply put, this guy makes dry sarcastic comments on the episodes from the view point of someone who doesn't seem to think much of Anime. I don't quite like it, but some people find it hiliarious.
Exorcists of the Caribbean: Curse of the Innocence This would have been better if subbed video clips weren't used. D.GrayMan Crossover trailers are kinda rare...
So check out D.Gray Man Crack and feel free to post any links I missed out.

Oh, just one last thing: Today's Sunset.
And The Full Moon Before Nightfall
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