Sunday, June 18, 2006

Suspicious Offering

Imagine this.

It was a fine evening spent leisurely in front of the computer. You were enraptured by the colourful blocks in Destruct-O-Match II when you receive a phone call.

Nothing unusual, right?

Well, you received a phone call by someone who also never calls you unless in the call of duty [No pun intended]. Let's assume her name was aL. Though thoroughly annoyed by this mysterious call, you answer it anyway. Caller aL was murmuring [Rather uncharacteristically] about a All-Expenses-Paid trip to Sentosa. But in your clouded mind, you only caught these words: Sentosa. All-Expenses-Paid. My Family & I. 13th June. 21th June. Are you free[?].

These words (All-Expenses-Paid) failed to appeal to the kiasu Singaporean in you. Instead, you continue staring at the screen, a man girl possessed.
"Uh..I'm afraid I'm not free on both days." Cue the cheesy scary music.
You just sealed your fate. No freebies. But you don't care.

You have your computer. You LOVE your computer. You cannot live without it. But that's not the point. You have been seduced by the computer and had lost all sensibility. And let a prized catch be released into the vast ocean of nowehere.

A few hours later. You received a sms from a close friend.
Just your everyday normal event, right?
If the sms contained the exact same offer and information as the phone call, it is SUSPICIOUS. Or has Lady Luck finally decided to cast her sunny sneer smile upon the Unfortunate One?

Back to Scenario. You are confused as to what was going on. Two offers of freebies within 3 hours of each other. Suspicious, non? Your inner Ms. Kiasu cries out in need. It is free! FREE!! No money on your side!

But what is going on?
Is it a conspiracy to pull a major prank by stranding you on Sentosa with nothing but a truckload of disappointment?
Or is it a reality TV show which involved showing the "warm, loving family" which starrs you as the bumbling sidekick longing for family affection?
Or even worse...An excursion in which everyone "forgets" to bring their wallet, thus leaving you to bear the heavy cost of Sentosa?

Should I? Or shouldn't I? Choices, choices...
When good things don't happen, you complain bitterly about how unfair Life is.
When good things happen, you find it too unreal to believe & think that Life is raising your hopes, and then lets you fall into the deep abyss of disappointment.

Such is the life of a pessimist.