Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Quest For The Golden HedgeHog

Today I returned to modern civilization after days of living a reclusive yet spiriturally-enhancing way of life at home. The initial venture into the glaring brightness of the great outdoors made me a tad agoraphobic[Fear of crowded places].

Well, the cinema level of Plaza Singapura wasn't as crowded as I had expected. But a twinge of paranoia was felt. What? No screaming brats? No rowdy packs of adolescent specimens of homo sapiens obnoxious teenagers? This can't be happening. Lady Luck never smiled on my side unless under severe duress.

Nevertheless, that creeping discomfort was stomped out like a squished slug when I entered the inscrutable dark in which only the ubiquitous lights emitted from the countless arcade machines served as the sole way of navigation.

After several failed attempts to master the Art of Arcade Gaming, I finally gave up and turned to the infamous money-eating claw machines.

The ones at the arcade were much larger and less garnish-looking than the one pictured above. They portrayed a simplistic "innocent" image.
However, a leopard cannot change its spots. Likewise, ALL claw machines indiscriminately gobble up the entertainment funds of arcade gamers.

Alas! Due to a prolonged period of not dealing with the likes of this machine, I forgot my past failures to obtain a prize and with the support of falso bravado, approached the dreaded Spawn of Satan.

Result: With Kelvin as my ally, we fought to conquer the enemy and save the golden/silver-backed hedgehogs who were made hostages retrieve at least a hedgehog from the glass casement. Twice, we came close to victory.

Between us both, we lost many dollars and suffered much injury to our prides for losing to an insufferable claw machine. In the end we retreated. Out of ammunition and will, we left the colony group of monsters machines. Behind us, the claw machines blinked and glared with much smugness. As though daring both of us to return for another match with their victorious comrade. Humph. Truely, birds of a feather flock together.

This shall be my last experience with those claw machines. Never again shall I venture near them.

Jason and the Argonants succeeded in their quest of retrieving the Golden Fleece, amidst conquering numerous obstacles. Whereas Eneeli and Kelvin failed miserably to obtain a Golden Hedgehog. Hell, we didn't even get the silver one. Ain't it right, Kel?