Sunday, August 13, 2006

Coscon 2006

This was the third cosplay event I've attended and the second in which I've brought a camera to. Unlike the spendiferous Cosfest 2005 which left a deep impression and a hankering for more cosplay and the slightly disappointing Nikon Cosplay at the WCG 2005 Finals, Coscon 2006 was a mix of both letdowns and surprises.
For instance, the cosplayers weren't as numerous as those of the Cosfest 2005 and were a lot more reserved than the vociferous bunch at Cosfest 2005. I felt uneasy whenever I ask to take a picture. It's as though I'm waiting to be punched with a lethal helping of REJECTION. Anyway, these are some of the pictures I took. To whom it may concern, if I'm not supposed to be posting these on a blog, please inform me ASAP.

Gintoki from Gintama during the second round of competition.
After-Series-&-In-Retirement Pink Ranger does cosplaying.

Dosu from Naruto
Inuoe Orihime & Arizawa Tatsuki from Bleach.
Roy Mustang [FullMetal Alchemist]. Unfortunately, the selected location was against the sunlight which darkened the picture altogether.
"You're all illogical people." - Star Trek lady in the front of the trio.