Thursday, December 15, 2005

PeaceMaker Kurogane Episode 22[Fight]

Kondo's team storms the Ikedaya and takes the loyalists by surprise. Many tried to flee, resulting in a mad scramble for safety and stumbling over each other. However, they were ruthlessly cut down by the Shinsengumi. Meanwhile, Susumu faces off with Akesato[In disguise].

Back at Headquarters, Yamanami subtlely tells Tetsu to make his own choice and not follow the former's path - The path of a coward. He tells Tetsu of his childhood when he used to like watching rice fishes swimming in the stream as they fought against the current.

At the Ikedaya, Yoshida ordered the running loyalists to fight back as there weren't many of the Shinsengumi. Kondo issued a futile warning that those who resists will be cut down. After 3 warnings, Kondo ordered every loyalist to be killed. Yoshida run to the back door where some of the loyalists had escaped. He yelled to his men to retreat, but to no avail as 2 of them decided to stay and fight. While he stood motionless, Suzu arrived and wanted to stay and fight alongside Yoshida. But he was told to go to the Choshu's Base and seek reinforcements.

"I not longer have any home to return to, except to be by your side. Even if I go get reinforcements...Even if we crush the Shinsengumi...I do not want to be alone." -Suzu

Naturally, Suzu refused to leave his sensei. Then came the most touching scene, Yoshida smiled and told Suzu to hurry and come back so they could reunite once more...
When Suzu left, Yoshida returned to the inn. Souji and Shipachi were just finishing up the remaining loyalists when Yoshida arrived thrugh a hallway, in a creepy menacing way [Think Sadako from The Ring]. Just then, Heisuke springs an attack from the side, but misses Yoshida, much to the amusement of Shinpachi.

However, he succeeded in slicing Yoshida's spear in half. Which was a huge mistake as Yoshida could now use the half-spear as a SWORD. Yoshida then lunged at Heisuke. Realising the danger, Shinpachi ran towards Heisuke who was obliviously to Yoshida's actions. Heisuke was cut on his forehead and collapsed.

On the roof of the Ikedaya, Susumu an Akesato were engaged in a fierce though elegant battle [2 spies "dancing" in the moonlight..]. Susumu managed to floor her and sets off a signal flare to alert the other Shinsengumi group about the raid. Tetsu, who was running in the streets, decked out in Shinsengumi uniform, notices the flare.

Inside the Ikedaya, Souji fought with Yoshida. He stabs Yoshida and was about to finish him off when Tetsu arrives at the scene. Yoshida then kicks Souji away and went after Tetsu, who listened to his instints and fled. Yoshida was stopped momentarily by Souji who held onto his leg.
While running, Tetsu questions himself and stops. Yoshida who got away to chase after Tetsu, was once again hindered by Souji. This time, the duel ends with Souji coughing up blood and Yoshida aggravating his injury by stepping on his chest.

Tetsu was cowering in a closet when he realised that the reason he fought was not to kill, but to protect. He rushed out and stabs Yoshida's leg. Cradling Souji while weeping, he told Souji about it.

Yoshida recovered from the attack and faces Tetsu, looking scarier than ever.

Tetsu gets up and readies himself for the battle. Kondo and Shinpachi rushes to the scene where Shinpachi yelled that Tetsu was up against a bad opponent as Yoshida was ready to die. Tetsu then replied that he was ready to perish too.

He also revealed that the one he wanted to kill was not Yoshida, but the helpless him which existed in the past.

I loved this episode. So many revealations...So many ultra-cool fight scenes! The blurred images emphasized on the speed of the attacks and the intense guitar tones made the tension even more realistic. And for once, the father-son relation between Suzu and Yoshida was evident. I felt like rooting for Yoshida at that time. And if you watched closely, the scene where the Shinsengumi dashed down the narrow hallway was first shown in the first episode.