Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PeaceMaker Kurogane Episode 21 [Battle Formation]

The Shinsengumi gets into BATTLE MODE!!! Yes...This episode begins a series of sinister happenings. It's the beginning of the end...And poor Tetsu looks so terrified/terrifying. Finally, Tatsu gets VIOLENT!

Anyway, Tetsu was tramatised by the forceful return of the memories of his parents' brutal murders. As a result, he hid himself in a closet, shrounded in darkness. Whenever, Tatsu tries to open the door, he gets scratched.

Meanwhile, Hijikata interrogates Shuntaro Furutaka [Real identity of Masuya]. He threatens to kill him and at this point, Furutaka spilled the beans on the Choshu's plans to set fire to Kyoto.

The Demon himself.

Cutting him down from the ceiling where he hung, Hijikata moved off to inform the others.

Somewhere in Kyoto...Yoshida talks to Miyabe. A Choshu clansman walked in to inform them of the settled meeting place -Ikedaya. Suzu offers to go with Yoshida, but was turned down by him after he finished telling Suzu off [Well, sort of, anyway]. Suzu was ordered to stay behind and wait for his master's return.

"Suzu, it seems you do not yet understand what honor is. Do not lose yourself in your emotions. You must not let a momentary feeling carry you away."

At the Shinsengumi headquarters, everyone's getting ready for mobilization. Hijikata informs Yamanami that Furutaka had let the cat out of the bag and that they were going to comb the area for the Choshu's meeting place. Yamanami supposedly had a cold, and thus was unable to join in.

The Shinsengumi set up camp in the city. Hijikata was hesistating whether to go for the raid yet as they did not have sufficent men.
"Thirty-Four?! [Turns around and lifts cloth curtain up] What the hell're you guys doing, growing smaller in number?!" -Sano

It was when Kondo, in his battle gear, urged Hijikata to go for it as the soldiers could no longer wait. Hijikata then gave the orders to move out.

They divided into two groups. Hijikata, Sanosuke, and Saitou leading one group, Kondo, Souji, Toudou, and Shinpachi leading the other smaller group.

Back at the almost empty Headquarters, Yamanami had flashbacks to the time where he assasinated Kamo Seizawa, the former Chief. When Tatsu brought him food, he revealed that he doesn't like killing anyone anymore.

In the room where Tetsu was, Susumu pulled open the closet door and told him off for staying there while the others were away, risking their lives. He then threw his Shinsengumi uniform and swords at Tetsu. Tatsu who witnessed it all, attempted a punch at Susumu as he didn't want Tetsu to join in the fight.

Susumu blocks Tatsu's blow...

Kondo's party arrive at the Ikedaya...