Friday, December 16, 2005

Kita he~Diamond Dust Drops: Akanegi Atsuko

After one look at the title and cover, I was certain that this Anime was the schoolgirl romance type filled with fluff. However, the first episode surprised me a little.

Akanegi Atsuko: A klutzy twenty-years old lass who works in a fish market in a busy fishing town. Bethroned to a rich family's heir, Minoru.

There's a love triangle in the story which takes place over two episodes. Well, not really.
Atsuko has a crush on Kurata, a man almost twice her age. Kurata doesn't like anyone and is in love with jazz music. Minoru THINKS he likes Atsuko as she's his fiancee.

The ending was fairly satisfying even though everyone's still single [Which left me slightly disgrunted...] And there's this unlucky guy whom Atsuko had knocked into in the first episode and Kurata's cat [Muniere] approached for lunch in the second episode...He was dubbed "Squid Guy" by another blogger as that was what he was holding which made Muniere approached him. I think I'll call him Squid Guy too...