Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hellsing Order 02: Club M

Celes was on her first mission to shoot a FREAK [Man-made vampire] when she hesistated and screwed the whole thing up. Needless to say, her Captain was less-than-pleased with her. Back at Hellsing Institution, Walter [Integra's butler] leads Celes into a dark dungeon when her room was. It was dull, but came with a coffin with an adjustable lid [Wish I had one too...].

This episode was mildly interesting. It shows Celes slowly being introduced to her new environment. Celes was obviously confused with her identity and still behaves like a human. Like when she broke down and cried when it was time for her to drink her blood. And her confusion when a gun supposedly weigning 33Ibs felt light in her vampire hands. She actually thought it was a new model made from plastic!

I especially disliked the way Integra told Alucard to "train his fledging properly". From the way they say it, it's like Alucard's a owner training his pet dog...How insulting. Anyway, Celes's second mission was thankfully, a success. It was to eliminate a vampire couple who were killing families for fun in the countryside. The vampire couple were codenamed " Bonnie & Clyde".

Alucard, being your typical sadistic vampire who acts cool, used " Photonic Flux Control, Technique 5" to toy around with the couple and eventually kills the male. What's with the incredibly scientific name? Celes was given the job of tackling the female. She discovers that, as a vampire, she could see long distances[500 yards] extremely clearly. She shoots...She scores. The Captain only welcomed her AFTER she shot the rogue vampire. And Alucard, who just has to be the wet blanket, tells her to obey him and drink her blood...

Hmm...Wonder what Club M stood for? Club Murder? Club Massecure?