Saturday, January 28, 2006

Matantei Loki Ragnarok 5: The Challenge of The Phantom Thief

Synosis: Daidouji Mayura, a hign-schooler who's obssessed with solving mysteries and currently the only member of her school's Mystery Club. Invistigating a haunted clock tower, she stumbles upon a old talking doll which was possessed by the memory of her late owner. The doll had attempted to kill Mayura after a while and Loki [Secretly a banished God] had came to the rescue. Mayura had since joined the Enjaku Detective Agency which consisted of Loki and Yamino [His butler].

Daidouji Mayura

This episode marks the debut of Freyr and Heimdall, Norse Gods of Weather and Light respectively. Freyr causes quite a stir when he becomes the Phantom Thief Freyr and steals four items[Three precious & an iron rod] without being caught by the heavy security. When Mayura wanted to catch the thief, Loki surprisingly refused, saying that he doesn't care whether the Phantom Thief gets caught or not. Furious, Mayura embarks on her solo invistigation. She bumps into Freyr in the streets and he was instantly smitten, referring to her as his "Divine Beauty". Mayura dashes off, leaving Freyr with her handkerchief which was used to wipe his injury.

Later on, when Mayura meets Freyr again, he was giving out tissue which had his announcement to steal The Necklace of Bising on it. Mayura immediately informs Loki who was shocked. A iron rod was thrown into Loki's compound and Loki then recognizes a challenge from Freyr to him. At the gallery with the Necklace of Brising, Freyr attacks Loki after stealing the item. Being in a child form, Loki was unable to defend himself. It was with the appearence of Mayura that distracted Freyr who lost control of his weapon, a flying mechanical pig Gullinburst, ans caused it to slam into him. However, he manages to make a not-so-clean getaway. The show ends with Heimdall waiting at a corner with the Necklace of Brising in hand.

Phew! Done with the summary. Well, with the introduction of two more equally suave Gods, the mystery of Loki's banishment started to clear a little. But, just a thought, if they were all down on Earth, what about their duties in Heaven? Anyway, the whole challenge was pretty witty, ne? It's like this:

The first gem Freyr stole: Lazurite
The second gem stolen : Opal
The thrid precious item : Koh-I-Noor
The last and final item : Iron rod

If you put the first letters of each stolen item, they form "LOKI". Get it? It's such an ingenious method! But Freyr is still a male after all...He lost his wits when Mayura appeared during his attack on Loki. And of all weapons, he has a FLYING PIG. Called Gullinburst no less...At least his antics are laughable. Too bad he works for Heimdall. Not that I don't like Heimdall..He's cool in that brooding loner way. But seriously, to have a good-looking God work for another less-good-looking-but-cooler God....This just doesn't work out, isn't it?

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