Thursday, November 10, 2005

PeaceMaker Kurogane: Yamanami & Akesato

The second non-Yaoi PeaceMaker Kurogane on my list [See previous entry], Yamanami Keisuke & Akesato.

Apparently, their relationship had already begun and had settled to a somewhat "fixed" stage when Akesato debuted in Episode 12[Older Brother]. Akesato works as a Geisha in the red-light district of Shimabara while Yamanami works in the Shinsengumi as a rather peaceful Vice-Commander. Unfortunately, this relationship was doomed from the start. They will never have a happy ending due to the various aspects of their lives.
Firstly, Akesato is a Geisha in a RED-LIGHT DISTRICT. That pretty much lowers her social status. Yamanami as a Shinsengumi member, Vice-Commander no less, has "authority" among the common folk. Their social status are practically worlds apart. Even if he were to marry her, would the rest of the world leave them alone? Would his Shinsengumi position hinder this union? The people in Anicient Japan aren't that open-minded and probably wouldn't give a damn about true love.
At Your Service...

Secondly, is it even true love in the first place? Or is it just a convenient union between 2 lonely souls? Yamanami is constantly haunted by his role in the assasination of Serizawa Kamo [Previously-In-Charge in Shinsengumi] and that lowered his self-confidence vastly and drastically altered his whole being. As a result, Yamanami questions himself of his choice on a regular basis and this prevents him from living happily. Meanwhile, Akesato is already miserable due to her Geisha life. She sees herself as a fallen being, without anyone to lead her to salvation. Also, there's something else that's bothering her. Could it be this[See Below]?
Sad, Sad Ninja

Akesato could have been that female ninja who spied for the Choshu. She too, spoke of loneliness and being beyond salvation. If she was that spy, it is probable that she got close to Yamanami to get information. However, the Episode 23[Faith] revealed that the female ninja was a foreigner. When Susumu knocked off her hood, her blonde hair was exposed. She herself has admitted she was a foreigner.

Note the eye and hair colour...
More Evidence!

Due to this revelation, I became doubtful of this theory...If Akesato was that ninja, she would have to dye her hair or put on a wig when she switched between her double lives...Nevertheless, I think Akesato has feelings for Yamanami. It was evident when she suddenly hugged Yamanami [While crying & blabbering about loneliness] while on a walk with him. It was rather touching, that scene. 2 lonely souls, deserted by faith, hugging in the rain as a gesture of comfort...All together now...Awww...