Monday, November 14, 2005

PeaceMaker Kurogane: Souji & Hotaru

Okay, before you start protesting, let's consider the possiblities of this couple...

Okita Souji: A prodigy at swordsmenship. 1st Squad Captain in the Shinsengumi. Usually cheerful and carefree. Personality changes to ruthless killer when he fights. Has a pet pig, Saizou.
The Many Faces of Okita Souji.

Hotaru: Klutzy former Choshu spy. Has a crush on Souji. Crys easily. Unwittingly assists Souji, Hijikata & Saitoh when she pulls off the seals that Furube [working for a psychopath nobleman] and undos the illusionary spell which trapped them.
The Few Faces of Hotaru

In terms of just comparing personalities, they're quite matching. However, if you consider the relationship as a whole, it's totally impossible! Souji's a expert swordsman of the Shinsengumi[a.k.a The Wolves of Mibu]. Hotaru's a ex-spy[I'm not sure if she can be considered a spy in the first place...Since she never really did anything...], and way too innocent for a "Child of a Demon" such as Souji.

Besides, Souji seems to be occupied with someone else already...I'm not suggesting any Yaoi relationships here, but seriously, I find his relations with Hijikata a little too close for comfort...'Nuff said about this non-existant couple.