Thursday, November 10, 2005

PeaceMaker Kurogane: Tetsu & Saya

DISCLAIMER: This is just my personal opinion...Nothing forceful.

As we all know, Anime programmes with Bishounen [Pretty boys in short]outnumbering Bishoujo [Pretty young girls], are usually coupled in Yaoi [Boy Love]. A clear example is said Anime: PeaceMaker Kurogane. However, the focus of this entry is on the non-Yaoi couples. How many of them are there? Fewer than the fingers on my hand! Here's a list so far.
1] Ichimara Tetsunosuke & Saya
2] Yamanami Keisuke & Akesato
3] Okita Souji & Hotaru

Okay, maybe not the last couple, but let's keep our options open...First up, Tetsu & Saya!

Prospects: These two are totally matching! Tetsu actually seems mature when he's with Saya. He understands why she wouln't speak of her background and doesn't try insist on being told the truth. When he knows the truth, he doesn't MIND! **BONUS points for that! He also promised her, and her alone, then he wouldn't kill 'cause she wanted him to remain as he is and not change. And for Saya, she's already likes him. That's why she didn't want him to know her background. Also, when Tetsu went to see her during the Gion Festival, she noticed HIS injury before anything else. How's that for observant! She & Tetsu had understood each other.

Since they're both young, their fates stand a good chance of being altered anytime. Which means Tetsu could be an ordinary member of the Shinsengumi, raise a family with Saya and settle down. Saya's presently a geisha apprentice. Not a fully-fledged Geisha yet. Her freedom could still be bought either by $$ or by marriage. In addition, Tetsu's not one to be afraid of defying Fate and tradition. He's ready to do anything to help his loved ones. Comparetively to the other couples, these two have the best prospects!