Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Asakura Hao Quizzes

These are some of the Shaman King quizzes which I got Asakura Hao results.

Hao's Pants
Hao's Pants - Lucky you! You've got STYLE! And the
best pants on the list! That's why they have a
shrine! All of Hao's powers secretly derive
from these awesome pants. Don't believe that
Great Spirit of Fire crap. HIROYUKI LIES.

Which Shaman King character's pants should YOU wear?
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Which Shaman King guy is perfect for you? (gals only)
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Hao X Yoh
It's Twincest! You are the pairing of HaoXYoh. You
like to play around with your lover's mind, toy
with them, and want them to no end.

Some call you screwy, some call you derranged, but
everyone thinks that you are sexy. You could
have anyone as your mate, and you chose the one
that is most similar to you. Be careful,
though, because they will fight back.

In all reality, twincest is wrong. Don't date your

What Shaman King Couple Are You?
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Hao Asakura
You are Hao Asakura. You love to smile and from
what you look, people think that you're that
kind and easygoing type. But deep inside,
you're the burning flame. You think that humans
don't deserve to live along with you and you
despise them so much. You like to kill weak
people and somehow, you're just flirting too
much for your age. I won't say that you're not
hot, cos you're charming enough to attract
girls wherever you go. You may be the sexy evil
king of darkness. But you need light to create

Which Shaman King character are you? (result contains image^____^)
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Hao-sama!  o_0
Hao-sama! You got lucky! He's evil, sexy, psycho,
what more could you want!? His goal is to wipe
out all people who are weak (aka non shamans).
He'll probably spare you though...

Which Shaman King Guy Is Best For You? (For the girlies)
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