Monday, November 28, 2005

PeaceMaker Kurogane: Confirmed!

In a previous post [PeaceMaker Kurogane: Yamanami & Akesato], I mentioned that a certain blonde ninja IS the true identity of Akesato...

As a matter of fact...Akesato IS the blonde ninja! It was confirmed in an Anime magazine I bought recently [M.A.G.E]...On page 9, it states:

"This charming courtesan is leading a double life as a rebel ninja. She had several run-ins with Yamazaki who was rather taken aback by her prowess. However, she falls in love with Yamanami. Incidentally, she is blonde and blue-eyed but disguises her traits effectively."

And this picture was shown next to it!

There! Proof that Akesato IS the blonde ninja. Anyway, If you don't believe this, buy the magazine for yourself. The title's M.A.G.E manga. anime. games. experience.
This issue has dual covers: PeaceMaker Kurogane and Gundam Seed Destiny.

I'm too hyped to carry on...I'll leave you with these two pictures from the DVD version. I got them from: