Friday, December 02, 2005

PeaceMaker Kurogane Episode 20 [Blade]

In this episode, Susumu gets his revenge...He, along with the 1st Division led by Okita Souji, stormed Masuya's place early in the morning. Susumu had impersonated his late sister Ayu, and played upon Masuya's guilty conscience.

Then, Souji and the troops burst in and raided the place.
The ancient version of FBI...Notice the shaded eyes resembles sunglasses?

Anyway, Tetsu came dashing to the scene when he realised Susumu had accompanied the others to the raid. He was relieved when he knew Susumu didn't kill Masuya, but had instead trashed him to the point of spraining his own fingers.

Souji was disappointed that Yoshida had slipped through their fingers again. The blonde ninja [Akesato] watched him and escaped just as he sensed her presense. On the way back to the Shinsengumi, Tetsu met a shifty-looking Suzu who beckoned for him to follow him.
How could Tetsu not notice THIS expression?!

Suspecting nothing, Tetsu chats animatedly while walking along side a silent Suzu. He had assumed that Suzu wanted to tell him something. However, Suzu's true intention was to kill him...On Yoshida's orders.
He must have picked up this look from Yoshida...

At an abandoned house, Suzu swiped at Tetsu but could not do it again. Just as his sword lowered, Yoshida shoved him away and approached Tetsu with a meanacing intent. Forcibly reminded of his parents' killers, Tetsu fled. Suzu lay helpless on the floor, weeping as he was tored between his sensei & his friend.
Poor lad...

Meanwhile at the Shinsengumi, Hijikata interrogated Masuya...Or should I say, Furutaka...The captive, being a coward, spilled the beans on the Choshu's plans to set fire to the capital. I was surprised he wasn't slaughtered by Hijikata...

Back at the abandoned house now alight with flames, Yoshida and Tetsu were involved in a cat-and-mouse game [No prize for guessing who's who].

At this point, Tetsu was terrified that his logic escaped him. He cowered in a cupboard, frozen stiff with fear. Just then, Suzu stepped in and held on to Yoshida to prevent him from harming Tetsu.

Outside the house, a yell for help was heard as a crowd formed around the flaming house...Tatsu who passed by, had a feeling that Tetsu was in there and tried to barge in...But the flames were spreading too quickly...

The suspense in the atmosphere when Yoshida pursuit Tetsu was so thick, I could hardly breath...I was practically holding my breath throughout the scenes! And for once, Yoshida didn't seem so elegant after all. He distintly reminded me of Sadako from The Ring...And I hate cliffhangers!