Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gundam Seed: Kira & Lacus.

After a long hiatus....The Anime Freak is back!!! Along with a pile of delayed blog entries....

Anyway, today's entry is on one of the sweetest Anime kiss I've seen so far--*Drum Roll*--Athrun Zala & Cagalli Yuta Attha's !! I hadn't quite expect such a sweet scene to come from a Gundam series with huge battle ships and stuff...But then again, it was shown on the 48th episode (2 episodes away from the grand finale). Which means the viewer would have to watch 47 episodes of mechanical battles, emotional turmoil and elaborate plots before getting dreamy-eyed over a simple kiss which lasts barely a minute. Still, it was worthwhile. There were about 3-4 romantic moments among the Gundam Seed crew.The most memorable being Athrun & Cagalli's. It was shown on Kids Central, 2 April 2005 at 11am.

The war between the Earth forces & Co-ordinators continues with the Arkangel, Kusanagi and another ship whose name I forgot stuck in the crossfire. The Co-ordinators, namely Patrick Zala decided to launch Genesis, a nuclear weapon which can destroy a entire space colony with a single blast. A team will be sent from the Arkangel to stop this. And the scene starts here.....

The crew were discussing plans on how to stop the Genesis in one of the 3 ships. After which they went their seperate ways. Cagalli & Athrun stepped into a lift and prepared to leave the area. Kira however, was requested to stay by Lacus who(in the most desperate voice I've ever heard in the series)told him to come back. Kira, being dense, was slightly surprised. Then he smiled and gave Lacus an innocent peck on the cheek....That was so KAWAII!! Kira later took a ring and promised to return for Lacus. He turned and left a anxious lacus in his wake. Awww....It was touching to the point of crying. Anyway, I've to go and in the meantime, here's a pic! Ja'ne!

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