Friday, August 26, 2005

Chrno Crusade

Okay! I'm taking a break to introduce this manga whose English version appeared on the market not too long ago...Chrno Crusade! The manga is about this devil who after participating in a rebellion against Queen Pandemonium, in a demon nest like place called [No prize for guessing..]Pandemonium. He was part of a group of demons wanting freedom from their world called the Sinners. Led by Aion, they killed the Queen and stole her head for his own plans. However, out of the entire group of traitors, only 6 survived. That is when our story starts.

Rosette & Joshua Christopher both lived in the Seven Bells Orphanage since young. One day, they stumbled upon an old tomb in which Chrno was found. Instead of fearing him, they befriended him...Sadly, Aion intruded and took away Joshua. Rosette made a contract with Chrno and joined the Magdalan Order to become an exorcist. The manga follows them on their many adventures and reveals more about the hidden past of Chrno, Aion and Magdalane. In the end, Chrno finds himself torn between wanting to save Rosette, but will eventually kill her by draining her life force.....I shall not say more.

But if you want to find out more, you can go to this website: [SPOILER!!]

You are like Chrno
You have two sides to you, a dark one and a light
one, together they make you who you are.
Sometimes it may seem as if youre a little shy
and sweet, but if something were to happen to
someone or something precious to you, you put
your foot down. You are wise in your ways, and
you know whats right and whats wrong. You are
different from the rest.

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