Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kiddy Grade : The End

It's been a long time since my last entry....All thanks to the evil examinations and the obviously brainless CCA leaders of my CCA....Anyway, the ending of Kiddy Grade was somewhat vague.I mean, Eclair & Lumiere were revealed to have G-class powers while they were fighting against Arv and Dverger who decided to take over this Noah's Ark-like ship,which was made to house the Nouvellse(spelling?) in times of emergency...Confusing, isn't it?

There were plenty of previously unknown facts that were revealed in the final showdown. It took me quite a while to process these revelations.You could say I spent a few hours after the show in a daze...However, I shall now address the few which I still remember...

Firstly, the secretary of the G.O.T.T captain, Mercrudi turned out to be in the same league as Armblast....They're spies sent by the Nouvellse to check on the activities of the G.O.T.T. However, what got me irked was that in one particular scene, Mercrudi hugged Armblast from behind and he didn't resist! I was so annoyed by that. After all, I'm a fan of the Armblast X Eclair pairing.

Their Amusing Introduction

The next shocker was when the secretary of the Nouvellse, Chevalier was revealed to be Eclair's son! Sadly, he died in the end...but at least he acknowledged his mother. So that was rather touching.
Another parent-child revelation was that of Arv & Dverger. Dverger was actually Arv's mother! I mean, I always assume they were sisters, but mother and daughter? Weird....However when Arv was defeated, Dverger teleported herself to the ruined remains of the ship which Arv took over after using her hidden powers to restore the dying Eclair.
Reason: She wanted to be with her daughter
Last parent-child truth...At the end of the show, a scene of a baby boy surrounded by several members of the G.O.T.T who were cooing over him at the hospital. The baby boy turned out to be Eclair's son again. His name: Chevalier.But was the baby a clone of the original Chevalier? Or was he grown from Eclair's own cells? These are questions that will never be answered..

The show ends with Eclair leaping through the air in a snazzy but equally revealing new outfit and her reflections on the past,present & future. But before that, clips of other characters such as Timothy the rich heir of a dead noble were showed...It was satisfying to know that they're all content with their lives. However, the best part was the battle. Almost everyone reunited for the final showdown, including the twelve Eclair & Lumiere clones. In general, the series was interesting with ups and downs....Hopefully, it's succesor will be even better. For now, Ja'ne!
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