Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Last Exile

Sorry for the late update again!But before I proceed,here's a Kiddy Grade picture.I know the quiz is lame,but I just need the picture.

Your from KIDDY GRADE!

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Anyway,when the Twelve Kingdoms ended,Last Exile took its place.Last Exile is produced by Gonzo Digimation(the same studio which produced Kiddy Grade).Generally,it is about two 15 year-olds, Claus Valca & Lavie Head who dreams of flying a vicious storm known as the " Grand Stream", using the Vanship their late fathers left behind. They were amazing Vanship filers for their age and earned their living by running(or flying) errands using their Vanship.

However,Claus and Lavie were drawn into a destructive web of violence when they "delivered" a young girl,Alvis Hamilton to the legendary warship, Silvana. Now, Claus is involved as the pilot of a fighting Vanship in the never-ending war between Anatoray and Disith.

Last Exile is rather captivating,although it is a little predictable at times.I rather liked Dio Eraclea, the son of the Emperor in the Guild,a mysterious organization maintaining the code of honor for both sides during the war.He is determined and is willing to take risks even though his life will be in danger.O.k, maybe he's weird. But then again, so am I.

Anyway,Sayonara for now!
By the way, I couldn't find any Last Exile quizzes,so I got an Anime one instead.

You are Balance. The Balance Element is the balance
between Light and Dark. Balance was created
when the two Elements,Light and Dark,where at
battle and threw their Dark and Light magic at
eachother at the same time. Coliding with the
magic,Balance was born. Balance keeps track of
her creators,making sure there is an equal
amount of Light and Dark in the world. Being
made up of two elements,Balance's mood changes
rapidly. Being Balance,you have both Elements
inside of you,meaning you are a moody person.
Sometimes social and sometimes anti-social.
Your Elements would be Light and Dark. And your
creature would be a werewolf! Congrads! You're
the Balance between Light and Dark! ^^

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