Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Twelve Kingdoms : The End

I apologise for not updating this blog lately.Just for your information,it is the computer's and my brother's fault.I don't know what rubbish he installed into the PC that caused it to cease functioning properly.But enough of that.Anyway,The Twelve Kingdoms ends its run in Singapore on 17 February(I think).Although it can be boring at times,you got to give it credit for creativity and artwork.

Basically,The Twelve Kingdoms is about a misfit teenager,Yoko Nagajima,who was suddenly visited by a strange man,Keiki who swore to be her loyal servent for eternity and then transported her and her friends Yuka Sugimoto and Asano to this "alternate universe" where she is suppose to be Kei-O, Queen of the Kei Kingdom. Sounds simple? I think not.Throw in a screwed-up-in-the-head king, a sinister plot and thousands of innocents and you get a complex yet intriguing Anime filled with political strife,bloody gore and awesome fight scenes. I can't really explain the whole story as it is too complicated and long for me to finish typing in a day.Visit this website if you want to find out more :

To Yoko and her pals,the Twelve Kingdoms may be a nightmare. But to me,it is bliss.I mean, wouldn't it be great to live in a world where monsters co-exist with people and immortality will be yours if you work for the goverment of any of the 12 kingdoms? And I believe I'm not the only one to think this way.

For your information, the 12 kingdoms are Hou,Ryo,Kyo,Shun,Han,Kei,En,Sai,Sou,Tai,Ko and Ren. The next Anime replacing The Twelve Kingdoms is Last Exile. Pity.I was hoping for Inuyasha but a new Anime would do too.

You symbolize sadness. You are always either
frowning or crying for the rest of the worlds
unshed tears. You cry when a soul departs for
the other world. Seeing the rain gives you
comfort. It reminds you of the tears that you
shed. When people try to put you down, it makes
you even more depressed than you already are.

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