Friday, February 04, 2005

Kiddy Grade

When I switched on the TV last night to watch the first episode of Kiddy Grade, I wasn't expecting what I really saw. Being a typical Anime fan,I researched Kiddy Grade about a week before its debut on Art Central.In a nutshell,Kiddy Grade is about an special organization, Galactic Organization of Trades and Tariffs (GOTT) which is dedicated to maintaining peace and overseeing the interstellar dealings among the various planets. The G.O.T.T employs its own law enforcers, the ES Force. each member has his or her own special powers. It was revealed in the first episode that G.O.T.T is situated on the planet Aegeus.

The leads, Eclair & Lumiere are as different as day and night.Eclair is chirpy and jokes around while Lumiere is elegant and lady-like.The first episode was very interesting, considering the fact that I discovered a possible couple pairing. Eclair and Lumiere were to escort a G.U Auditer ,Armblast to the planet Medea. Eclair and Armblast's light bartering was enough to convince me of this pairing.They had so much chemistry! But then again, I've not seen the other episodes yet,so there might be other pairings I'm unaware of.

Intergalactic agents. Sounds familar? You probably heard this before. Remember the Anime Sailor Moon? The lead character is also a cheerful intergalactic agent. But which Anime series is more interesting? I didn't watch Sailor Moon so I wouldn't know. Anyway,this entry is kinda boring as my creative juices ran out yesterday. However, I daresay the next entry would be better.

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