Friday, May 08, 2009

This is the first time I'm absent from school this year. Thanks to a particularly nasty bout of the flu bug. It had been passing around my class (I think) for the past week.

Usually getting to take a day off equates to a relaxing day spent idling at home. Usually.

This time, it was 24 hours spent semi-dazed with constant bodyache and a near-inability to swallow. Ugh.

But at least the doctor was funny. The moment I entered the room. he started on a frazzled spiel about the flu being so troublesome, how busy he is now because of it, asshat patients who refused to go a hospital when they should, etc...


I found it pretty amusing.
Then he told me point-blank that I am short.

(And thus can pass off as someone under 16 so I could be sent to KK Hospital should the fever not subside)


Anyway if my limbs cease feeling jellified, I might return to school this afternoon. I do want a CCA (or a few) after all.

Swine Flu Pictures, Images and Photos


I didn't go to school after all. Darn. How do you sign up for CCAs after the CCA Open House now? >_<