Saturday, May 16, 2009

My voice finally broke.

But (according to some classmates) it sounds way sexier than those chaps on the cusp of puberty. I sounded a bit like Dieh. XDD

It made presentation time a tad awkward (and probably hilarious for some).

Yet I gained a voice by losing my own physical one. Not that I had much of a voice to begin with anyway. I don’t know what might happen when my throat heals. Maybe it’ll be to square one again. Despite the fact that the situation had only improved by a smidgen for all the talking I did.

Right now, I’m almost back to my usual sound. Which is both a relief and a pity at the same time. For one, swallowing wouldn’t hurt anymore but I never did get to hear the so-called “Sexy Voice” for myself. They say it’s husky-ish.

Haiz...I got my voice back already now (Sunday).

Anyway, I finally got to see Nadiah's cat last week. He's cute (would have been a lot more if he hadn't fled from us guests when we approached), but a little thin for the typical house cat. Then again, the other house cats I've seen so far range from slightly to grossly overweight.

P.S. I didn't use flash on the cat for the record (I ain't that cruel). The photo was lightened artificially. Coz it was taken from under the table.

Photobucket Budsy's eyes are the largest cat eyes I've seen yet. They're this really pretty shade of green which isn't captured here.

This is possibly the most pitiful mewing from a house cat. I'm not sure if that's by default or not, but it is a mix between endearing and wth-ish.

Then there was the Connect event. It's some exclusive social networking opportunity for the DMC students. Though I can't say it worked out that well, considering most (from what I saw from where I stood) hung around people they were already familiar with. The food wasn't half bad though. The only item on the menu I didn't like were the swiss rolls lookalike. And they had some pretty darn good performers on stage. The female guitarist in the acoustic version of Britney Spears' Gimme More had a lovely smoky voice. I liked the cover of Marion's End of Me too =)

Apparently there was some dress-up competition in which we're supposed to dress as what we like to be when we grow up. -_-

Female Winner (One of them, no prize for guessing who)

Male Winner (One of them, no prize for guessing who)

Unfortunately I only had the sense to take out my camera at the very end. And somehow lost my nerve in being the only one filming thus far. So hence, this short clip.
Hot N Cold cover

Connect Badge
Photobucket Cool design.

Photobucket The day concluded with a soothing sunset. I wished I stayed on a lil' longer though. The sunset at its peak in SP is kinda cool.

I saw this rare picturesque image of a post-sunset sky. No, it's not streaked with reds and orange. But rather, it's a huge vertical mass of dark grey clouds splitting the horizon in half. And at the curved ends of both halves, the sky was awashed with a fading rainbow splashed halfway across the darkened bits. There was a building blocking the sky where the dark cloud mass ended. I have no way of properly describing that. But I lament the fact that I hadn't whipped out my camera and preserved that little imperfect beauty for good.