Sunday, April 05, 2009

...1st Time Watching & Lockon Dies Already >_>

I decided to give Gundam 00 on Okto last night. And the first episode I watch just had to be the one where Lockon dies. Haiz.
Lockon Stratos Pictures, Images and Photos

The idiot apparently insisted on trying a direct hit to the other Gundam (w/ Ali el-Sahchez (sp?)) despite his own Gundam already destroyed. Sad case really. R.I.P to him then.
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Maybe I've not gotten in touch with the Gundam series in so long that I keep forgetting that self-sacrificial acts like this one feature in just about every Gundam series. Or in this case, Lockon being blinded by his righteous desire to avenge his family and just adding the bonus of self-sacrifice to top it off.

My impression after the first episode I watched was that there was too much focus on the bishounen male leads and not enough on the female commanders (& staff) in the background. Maybe it's the wrong episode to start off, but seriously, the gals are not impressionable enough. They don't make me want to find out more. At the very least, there was Cagalli & Lacus (& the goddamn Fllay bitch) in Gundam Seed.

Yeah. I'm not that much of a mecha fan. And I like the human interactions better than the Gundam wars (despite the whole point of the series being about Gundams).

Tieria happens to be the only Gundam pilot to weep upon realising Lockon's demise.
Tieria Erde Pictures, Images and Photos Tiera, btw, is fully (I think) MALE. Despite his pink cardigen & exceptional cross-dressing skills

No wonder I keep seeing this Yaoi pairing pop out.

It's not too late to catch up with the series I suppose, though I'm not too keen on it. Gundam Seed was enough angst, Gundam Seed Destiny came with an angst-riddled protagonist (Shinn Asuka)who propagated angst. I don't want to deal with what the latest Gundam 00 has to offer. Especially since I can't keep track of the number of organizations involved this time.

P.S. I went blog-hopping for my juniors' blogs. They actually have a Drama Club blog now. O_o...Suddenly, I feel like I've been living under a rock for the past 3 months.

I DIDN'T KNOW SYF WAS OVER SO SOON! And I didn't get to watch their SYF performance. Damn