Monday, November 03, 2008

I just met an Internet perv on MSN yesterday.
A certain kohnson claiming to be from Greenview Sec and Pasir Ris Primary. Pssch. I know you're from 4/1 '08 asshole.

Don't you think that people do things just to show how "good" they can be, are such hypocrites?
To put things really politely, I am no longer on talking terms with a certain few. And one had actually sent me a friend request online with the message to forget it IF that person did anything wrong, or IF that person had ostracized me.

Apparently that person thinks she/he did nothing wrong in the first place and she/he has always been correct and as though I'm kicking up a big fuss.

And while it sounded so pretty (that online request), reality provides a completely different outlook. In front of others, you act like you don't really care and you're totally fine denying my existence. Can you claim to be anymore sincere about your so-called peace offering, two-face?
I loathe such hypocrites who pretend to do something just to appear oh-so-good-natured. Yeah. For all you know, the request was made in the presence of another just to show that "hey, I gave in FIRST".

A shitload of good your strict upbringing did to you.