Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 4 of Open House 07 Preparations

Where do I start?

Ah. This morning while rushing to school (being over an hour late for Drama and all...), I met Jasper the Dance Club's resident instructor at the traffic junction. (Refer to previous entry on Indian Dance for more info) The first thing jolly ole Jasper said was a surprised WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? while glancing surreptitiously (It could have been a direct stare, but our height difference made it difficult for me to see his face without craning my neck) at my crowning glory, now flecked with grey and looking lank and lifeless. I'm used to people making remarks about the premature white strands (Thanks to Mother Dearest and her genes)within the mass of black locks. But to have an acquaintance greet you with a reminder of the spread of the white ones is somewhat upsetting to a highly-strung, sleep-deprived teen. The last time we saw each other was at an early Indian Dance session months ago and he could tell the difference in my hair colour with a single glance. That says a lot, doesn't it?

Despite being extremely late, I found myself forcefully slowing my footsteps down to keep pace with Jasper. He complained about the sheer lack of initialtive in the juniors, I agreed and added on to the growing list of Juniors' Flaws. Along the way, I learnt the Dance Club used to give really crappy Open House performances since the Dancers do want to do well, but apparently the flesh is weak. Jasper is now pumping them and gearing up for the Open House ahead. After I ranted and raved about unprofessional (yeah, that's the word) and rushed everything was, Jasper had dished out the same encouragement most teachers would give. I believe the exact words went along the lines of:
It is good that you have the right attitude for presentation. It does't matter that the others don't feel the same. Don't care about them. Just continue as you are now. It'll work out.
The heavenly bells rang, the angels sang and...Alas! Enlightenment!
No. Not really. They made a lot of sense compared to what I've been offered so far. The Pessimist: Bah Humbug.
The Optimist (Having long been ignored/dethroned/M.I.A: *StarSTruck*...I do believe!

Yeah. That was basically feel-good advice wrapped up nicely as Go!Go! Encouragement. But it worked. I went to school
I spent the last three days as a ticking time bomb. Tempers fluctuated (Particularly mine), jobs were rushed and standards dropped.