Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stephen Lynch

~Back in 2005~

Perhaps the screws holding my sanity and logic together have finally fallen out after years of hanging loosely by rust alone.

As I slounched on the sofa in a pose which would have done Homer Simpson proud, my thoughts wandered towards philosophical questions of the intricate system that is the mind.

Or not. I simply thought about my sanity or rather, what's left of it. As the crack antics of a teenaged Chris Rock in Everybody Hates Chris floated past me, I realised how much I have seperated from the conformists around me over the years.
I have now begun a new quest to seek out a...somewhat disturbing brand of humour. The prompt?

Why, none other than Stephen Lynch of course!

Through scouring Youtube for Yaoi videos, I stumbled upon what I consider to be a rare find. Stephen Lynch, who regards touchy issues such as homosexuality with light-hearted songs and an equally innocent attitude to match.

Not surprisingly, he plays a major role in the musical The Wedding Singer. For his brilliant performance, Stephen Lynch had garnered a Tony nomination. With his youthful good looks, witty lyrics and smooth voice which inevitably lifts one's mood, who could hate this guy? But unfortunately, for all you besotted fans out there, he IS happily married...

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