Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So basically Life is there, thus shit happens. When Shit happens, someone has to bear it as "The One". Unlike Mr (Neo) Anderson of The Matrix, this reality of "The One" doesn't come fully equip with downloadable knowledge and a wracked-up sense of reality warping. Nor the natural sense of cool (with the LEATHER clothing and whatnot). Nor the simple violent approach of dealing with just about anything. Nor the sylph-like femme fatale love interest. Nor the unthrillingly-cool mentor with the rock-solid, almost blind faith. Nor a motherly seer of the straightforward tellings and the home-made cookies (NOT fortune cookies by the way). ...The best part is that while Neo gets a lot of shit thrown into his life all of a sudden, he also gets to dish it out in generous proportions to said givers in the first place. Lucky dude.

...Ok. So maybe I shouldn't watch EVERY Channel 5 re-run of the Matrix after all. While I'm momentarily fixated on it, the FanGeek Effect is starting to wear off. I used to watch the action scenes with mouth agape and eyes unblinking (thoroughout, mind), during which the only thing I thought about was how AWESOME it was.

But having seen the older Chinese movies of the martial-arts-cum-madcap-comedy genre, Neo suddenly doesn't seem so cool after all.

To those who actually find that cool.


Watch this Jackie Chan compilation instead. It's pratically a whole world of AWESOME up.

I haven't the faintest idea why I'm even mentioning this when I should be finishing up the rest of my event drafts. Damnit.